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Citibank interest rates are almost the same as the other banks. They might have a few different interest rates, depends on what kind of product, the interest would be different compare with other banks.

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2013-08-23 16:03:13
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Q: How does Citibank interest rates compare to other banks?
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How does citibank Australia compare to other banks in the area?

The citibank in Australia is the only bank in the region to cater to both international and domestic clients. Citibank also offers full service to their customers, including online banking.

Does Citibank own any other companies?

Citibank is one of the largest international banks in the world. Citibank is the owner of Citigroup, which is the third largest banking group in the Unied States.

Which websites offer a Citibank locator?

Some websites that offer a Citibank locator are the official webpage for Citibank and US Bank Locations. Other places include Banks Help and Thumb Creator.

Does CitiBank offer any high interest rate savings accounts?

Based on my research CitiBank does not offer high interest rate savings accounts. The highest they do offer is 1.01% APY. Citibank's rates are typically lower than that of other banks. That being said, their "Ultimate Savings Account", available through their website offers a 1.01% APY which is relatively good for a major-bank savings account. To learn more about bank rates, visit to comparison shop.

How can I compare all kinds of annuities?

If you look on your banks webpage you can gain information on your annuity, then compare other types on your banks website, or look at other banks. You may also bring this up with your financial adviser.

How can an online payment for the Citibank credit card be made?

Citibank like other banks and financial institutions have taken to the "going green" trend. By offering paperless banking all you would need to do is set up a login account for Citibank and allocate your preferred payees for your bill payment.

What are some features to look for in a checking and savings account?

Always check and compare interest rates with other banks. It might also be necessary to check the bank's customer service reviews.

How do HSBC mortgage rates compare to other banks?

HSBC is usually very competitive with other banks, so they will compare favourably. The current comparison can change very quickly due to the increased competition between banks in the past few years.

Why do banks give interest on deposit?

Banks make money by lending money to people and charging people for borrowing. The amount banks charge is called interest. Banks borrow money from other people and pay them interest on the amount borrowed. Banks charge more interest on the money they lend than they pay one the money they borrow. That is how they make money. When people deposit money with a bank, the bank is literally borrowing money from some people so they can lend it to other people. That is why banks pay interest.

Which banks have the best ratings for online services?

The banks that have best ratings for online services would be ING Direct as it doesn't need a minimum amount of money. Some other high rated banks include HSBC Direct and Citibank.

What banks offer a mortgage savings account?

Most large banks today offer mortgage savings accounts. HomeBuyer is one such bank. Other banks, such as Bank of America, Chase, and CitiBank offer mortgage savings accounts too.

What is Fed Funds Rate?

The Fed Funds rate is the amount of interest that banks lend to other banks on an overnight basis.

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