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Coca-Cola has an aggressive marketing strategy that ensures it stays ahead of the competition. It also guarantees high quality products at a cost that is affordable to a large number of people.

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What makes cocacola a quality product?

Very good taste of cocacola makes ait a quality product.

What is the most selling product on earth?

Cocacola, potatoes bananas, cotton, and tea.

What is the 7 steps in business research?

take an example of cocacola product and apply 7steps of research process

When was cocacola invented?

Cocacola was invented in 1886 but i dont know who by

Is there cocain in cocacola?

there used to be cocain in cocacola but not nowa days.

Which drink did the cocacola company sell as super chilled?

Sprite Super Chilled was sold in 2008. The bottle produced ice when it was opened.

Is cocacola square?

No, it is not.

What are the future plans for the coca cola company?

future plane of cocacola future plane of cocacola

Punch line of cocacola?

I've seen things that say "Coke (cocacola) adds to life"

What is a brand and how does branding work?

An example of a brand is "CocaCola". They sell a product and to do so use a specific design, logo which they promote widely, to differentiate their drink from similar drinks being sold. It works because people become familiar with the look and shape of the packaging.

Selling of sprite bottle 2008 in Tamil nadu?

how many bottles did cocacola company sell of brand sprite in the year 2008 in tamilnadu

How many countries have operating cocacola stores are over the world?

how many countries have opertating cocacola stored

What is the pH of cocacola?


Which drink was the acidic?


How do you form a hypothesis?

IF and THENFor example: IF I put mentos into a CocaCola bottle THENthe cocacola in the bottle will start to rise in a foamy texture.

How would you sell a product?

You can sell your product by ensuring that people know about it. This means you should advertise or promote your product aggressively.

Was cocacola originally green?

yes its true but cocacola dont want people to know about so they dont advertise the fact!!

Who do wholesalers sell products to?

After the product is manufactured wholesalers sell it to retailers where the consumers can buy the product!

Can one sell Amway products online?

i sell the product i intrest amway product excellent

When was the first cocacola can made?

in yonkers

What year was cocacola invented?


Cocacola located in ludhiana?

No, in Atlanta.

What is tagline of cocacola?

Have a COKE & A SMILE.

Can you sell a product in the UK if it has a us patent?

you can sell it.

Why does Dolphus Raymond pretend to drink?


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