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Very good taste of cocacola makes ait a quality product.

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Q: What makes cocacola a quality product?
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What is the most selling product on earth?

Cocacola, potatoes bananas, cotton, and tea.

Why is it difficult to define quality?

Quality is not an attribute of the object or product, it is a perception that relates a person observing or using a product to that product. Hence, quality is not absolute, but relative. In the lifecycle of a product, quality might be different along the stages. A new product could be a 'quality' product if it is chock full of bells and whistles, while later in life dependability and reliability are perhaps a better description of what is 'quality'. This makes quality hard to define: Subjective and evolving.

What is the 7 steps in business research?

take an example of cocacola product and apply 7steps of research process

What is cocacola's aim in business?

what is cocacola's aim in business?

When was cocacola invented?

Cocacola was invented in 1886 but i dont know who by

Is there cocain in cocacola?

there used to be cocain in cocacola but not nowa days.

What can you do as quality control?

Inspect the quality to make the quality product and to assure the quality of the product,

What is the function of a quality circle?

The function of a quality circle is to review problems that have a negative impact on a product or service. From this review they develop a new method or application that makes the product more reliable.

What is the differences between product quality and process quality?

Product quality is the quality of the final product made. While Process quality means the quality of every process involved in the manufacturing of the final product.

Ruger gp141 revolver over all review?

Ruger makes a solid quality product

What is the relationship between quality and product?

The relationship between quality and the product is important as the quality of a product is what sales the product. Quality means a lot to me, I will pay for good quality products and also food.

How quality control of the product carried out?

to assure the quality of the product

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