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How does Donald Trump make money?

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he earns money by his many businesses

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How did Donald Trump make all his money?

how did he earn his money

How much money does Donald Trump make per minute?


How many billions does Donald trump have?

Donald Trump has no money and is in dept by two billion

Why is Donald Trump a billionaire?

The Donald inherited his money from his father.

How much money does Donald Trump make per day?

He makes 38,400 a day

How does Donald Trump spend his money?

Donald Trump does not spend much of his money on leisure items. He is a very frugal person. Trump gives to charity, and has had the same modest salary for many years.

How did Donald Trump earn money?

real estate

How did Donald Trump earn his money?

real estate.

How does Donald Trump earn his money?

real estate

What does Mac miller's song Donald Trump mean?

it means that he gots a lot of money like donald trump and is life is as good as donald trump's i think -billie86

What obstacles did Donald Trump have to overcome?

Donald Trump had to overcome bankruptcy in his company, the Trump Organization. He successfully got out of this situation. Also, Donald lost a lot of money but then got his net worth back up.

How did Donald Trump become famous?

Donald trump got famous of buying a old house then fixing it up and selling it for more money

Donald Trump represent which party?


Is Donald Trump Irish?

No, Donald Trump was born in New York, he is an American.

Who owns trump plaza?

Michael jacksn, No Donald trump, Its called trump plaza

How does Donald Trump earn money most of his money today?

His hotels and golf courses.

Will Donald Trump make WWE better?


How did Donald Trump make millions?

by selling properties

How much money does Donald Trump have?

He has less than 10 billion.

How many brothers does Donald Trump have?

Donald Trump has 2 brothers. Fred Trump Jr. and Robert Trump are their names.

Who is richer - Donald Trump or Richard branson?

Donald Trump.

Who will win Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton?

Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump from Illinois?

Donald Trump is from New York City.

what is donald trump adress?

Not 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

What year was Donald trump born in?


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