How does Dragon Ball gt end?

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Goku becomes one with the dragon and dragonball. goku Jr and vegeta(descandant) are fighting in the world martial art tournament then Pan sees goku but when she goes she doesn't see anyone she just believes that its her imagination . goku is walking slowly out and he says until we meet again. THE END
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What is Dragon Ball GT?

DRAGON BALL GT . Warning-This plot might contain many spoilers so if you haven't seen the DB and DBZ series don't read unless you're willing to. I'm only going to put their first episode's plot.. Plot-Goku is training with Uub in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The battle is so intense even the out ( Full Answer )

Who is Baby on Dragon Ball GT?

His name is a testament to his being what Dr. Myuu refers to as his "baby." Seemingly created as a "last resort" by the demented Machine Mutant Dr. Myuu, Baby is a parasite whose purpose for living is to see through the annihilation of the Saiyan race and domination of the universe in the name of t ( Full Answer )

Where can you watch Dragon Ball gt?

Try, http://www. watch-dragonball. com/ (without the spaces obviously). This cite will not always have the GT episode (it sometimes randomly goes out) but usually they're their. Beyond that, true youtube or megavideo... can't really say I watch it anywhere else.

What happens at the end of Dragon Ball gt?

Goku defeats the dragon (cant remember his name) and then he fly's away with shenron because shenron believes the dragon balls were being over used and that they can always rely on them. Goku goes to train with shenron. At the end pans an elder women and Gokus an adult again, Goku jr and Vegeta jr a ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of gt in Dragon Ball gt?

Grand Touring, a reference to the travels of the main group. (GT, meaning grand tourer or gran turismo , is a termused in automotive circles to denote an upscale version of anexisting model, designed for high-speed, long distance driving.)

How old is everybody In Dragon Ball gt?

Goku is around the age of 80 and Krillin is around 81. Vegeta is a few years older than Goku and Krillin. If Goku is 80, Bulma is 84. Chi-chi is around Krillin's age. Android 18 is 18 because Dr.Gero returned her into a android at the age of 18.Trunks is about 17-28 .Goten in one year less than Trun ( Full Answer )

What is after Dragon Ball GT?

There is no type of dragonball series after DragonBall GT. There is a rumor about a DragonBall AF going on about, but it is not actually true. There is only: Dragon Ball DragonBall Z DragonBall GT @above comment: you are almost right; DragonBall AF isn't canon (alright, nor is GT, but at l ( Full Answer )

After Dragon Ball gt What is next?

after dragon ball gt is either dragon ball Kai or dragon ball af. Dragon ball Kai is the new remake about dragon ball z and gt combined and changed. It will have new features and will have cool new stuff. I've read about it and hears about it. Dragon ball af is supposed to be coming out after gt bec ( Full Answer )

After dragon ball gt?

after dragon ball gt is nothing, you see, Toriyama Akira, the creator of all of the Dragon ball series, was about to make dragon ball af or a different title instead of af but a lot of people kept annoying him by asking when the next part of the series would come, so Akira Toriyama ended the series ( Full Answer )

What happened to Goku at the end of Dragon Ball GT?

at the end of dragon ball gt goku goes with shenlong and when he is sleeping shenlong merges with goku and becomes immortal. He is seen a hundred years later at the tournament and at the end of dragon ball AF.

What those gt in dragon ball gt stands for?

Produced by Toei Animation, Dragon Ball GT (ドラゴンボールGT(ジーティー), Doragon Bōru Jī Tī , Grand Tour premiered on Fuji TV on February 2, 1996, and ran until November 19, 1997.

Who is creator of Dragon Ball GT?

Akria Toriyama, he made what the DragonBall Manga is today. He started DragonBall, DragonBall Z, and DragonBall Gt. He helped GT off of its feet but only for the beginning episodes.

What comes after Dragon Ball gt?

Well nothing has come up about a new series but some fans created one called Dragon Ball AF. Its not by the original creaters but its pretty good.

In the end of dragon ball Gt why did goku go with shenron?

Goku goes with shenron to train but 100 years later in the episode he has come back in his adult form to see his great great granson goku jr. in the world martial arts tournement fighting vegeta jr.(vegeta's great great granson). Pan ends up seeing goku as an adult and runs down the bleachers only t ( Full Answer )

Is Dragon Ball gt dubbed in Hindi?

yes .it dubbed in hindi.I watch it in hindi on cartoon network channel.i,m 100 % sure that it is dubbed in hindi.

Will Dragon Ball continue after the GT?

Akira Toriyama planned on continuing dragon ball GT but he had given up. I'm not sure why but maybe because after GT was made it kinda left the story of dragon ball hopeless. Dragon ball GT was no where as popular as Dragon ball Z, Akira Toriyama played a really small part in producing GT. I've trie ( Full Answer )

How old is bulma in Dragon Ball gt?

Dragonball GT is 10 years later from majin buu. She was 39 in the last episode he age was mentioned, so she's probably in her 50s during GT

Where to download free Dragon Ball gt?

there is a site that has dbz gt and dragonball episodes and movies on the website for you to watch for downloading

What is dragon ball gt about?

if u watch dragon ballz Kai its the same has that except gokus son gohan is alot older and so is goku.and gohan has kids and helps his defend the world

What are some opinions about Dragon Ball GT?

The premise was a little sketchy, and I don't fully understand why they made Goku a child again. He didn't age anyway. I loved the adult Trunks (so cute!) and Pan was kind of kickass, kind of like a young ChiChi. It was a good season :)

What is after Dragon Ball Z gt?

nothing but i think that they made a dragonball z kai which is a short version of dragon ball z

Is Dragon Ball gt flop?

No it was very successful. Some fans like it and other do not. If you type it into the net, you will find lots of people who do not. But this just means that they are more vocal about it than those who do like it.

Was Dragon Ball gt hit?

it was more less kinda boring i dont think it was very popular but i liked it because of all the new characters and events that happnd like when vegeta meets his little brother tarble that was funny

When Dragon Ball gt start?

it starts after dragonball z but, i dont remember if theres supposed to start at a specific time (i.g. a movie)

What are the notes for Dragon Ball gt for recorder?

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What happins in dragon ball gt?

After training with Uub for seven years, Goku has become extremely strong. Pilaf accidentally wishes Goku to be a kid again with the old black star dragon balls. Unfortunately they scattered across the universe and if they don't gather them up soon enough, the Earth will be destroyed. So Goku, Trunk ( Full Answer )

How old is trunks by the end of the dragon ball gt?

Well, hes probably anwhere from 21-30 because goten is seemingly 18-19 Actually, he wouldn't be that old. Trunks would be 19 or 20 if Goten is 18 or 19. Trunks is one year older then Goten. It says so in the manga and anime. But in GT? I'm not so sure. They are both probably early to mid 20's.

Is there a dragon ball gt online?

If you mean where to go to watch Dragon Ball GT, then visit DBZ.TV. They have everything there is to Dragon Ball. I think.

Why is Dragon ball GT the last series?

Actually, Dragon Ball Z was supposed to be the end, since Akira Toriyama (the guy who created DBZ) only made the manga (what the series is based off) up to the end of Z. The people who owned the rights to DBZ, though, seeing its popularity, decided to launch another series-GT. I assume that after th ( Full Answer )

What are the dragon ball gt lyrics?

bit by bit I'm falling under your spell, your smile's all i need to see to know we'll, leave this endless darkness, singing come along with me, hold my hand. back when you first came into my life, i recalled a place that i knew as a child, a special place, one that i held close to my heart. won't yo ( Full Answer )

Why isn't there a manga for Dragon Ball Gt?

that's because there isn't. the makers of dragon ball z anime just made it up. the original author of dragon ball z (the one who made the manga) had nothing to do with dragon ball gt. that's why there's no manga, just anime.