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Eumaeus treats the beggar very poorly. What he does not know is that the person he follows, Odysseus, is dressed as the beggar, to show the true natures of his followers.

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Eumaeus treats the beggar (who is actually Odysseus in disguise) with kindness and hospitality. He offers him food, shelter, and even his own bed, showing him generosity and respect as a guest in his home. Eumaeus also listens to the beggar's story and believes his lies, demonstrating his loyalty and compassion.

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In The Odyssey, Odysseus dresses as a beggar. In his disguise as a beggar Eumaeus treats him very poorly, as he is not recognized. Odysseus wanted to glean the true nature of his followers.

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Q: How does Eumaeus treat the beggar?
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How did the stranger get eumaeus to give him a cloak?

The stranger told Eumaeus a story about how he used to be wealthy and is now a beggar. Feeling pity for the stranger's tale, Eumaeus offered him a cloak to keep warm.

What important Greek value does Telemachus and Eumenides treatment of the unknown beggar reveal?

The treatment of the unknown beggar by Telemachus and Eumaeus reflects the Greek value of xenia, which is the ancient concept of hospitality towards strangers. By showing kindness and welcoming the beggar into their home, Telemachus and Eumaeus demonstrate respect for this traditional value.

Who is loyal swineherd takes Odysseus in with no questions?

Eumaeus, the loyal swineherd, takes in Odysseus disguised as a beggar without questioning him. Eumaeus is known for his faithful service to Odysseus and his family.

How does Melanthius treat the beggar?

Melanthius, the goatherd, treated Odysseus and Eumaeus poorly, verbally abusing them and even kicking Odysseus in the hip. He treats both of them as lower class, and calls Odysseus a man who became a beggar out of laziness and refusal to do work.

Who is the first person Odysseus meets when he gets home?

He meets Athene first, but Eumaeus the swine herd is the first human he meets, in the guise of a beggar.

How has Eumaeus proven his faithfulness to Odysseus in this and previous book?

Eumaeus has proven his faithfulness to Odysseus by taking care of his household and showing loyalty to his master. In previous books, he has remained true to Odysseus despite the suitors' presence. Eumaeus has also helped Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, by offering him food and shelter without knowing his true identity.

What important Greek value does Telemachus and Eumaeus treatment of the unknown beggar reveal?

Hospitality is the important Greek value revealed in the treatment of the unknown beggar by Telemachus and Eumaeus. They demonstrate kindness and hospitality by offering food, shelter, and aid to the stranger, following the tradition of xenia, the ancient Greek concept of guest-friendship.

How does Odysseus treat Eumaeus and the cowherd?

Odysseus treats Eumaeus and the cowherd with kindness and respect. He shows appreciation for their loyalty and hospitality, even though he initially disguises himself to test their loyalty. Odysseus ultimately reveals his true identity to them and includes them in his plans to reclaim his kingdom.

How does Eumaeus treat Telemachus?

Eumaeus treats Telemachus with respect and loyalty, as he has known him since he was a child. He is protective of Telemachus and assists him in his journey to find his father, Odysseus. Eumaeus also offers guidance and support to Telemachus as a mentor figure.

Is Eumaeus the swineherd loyal to Odysseus?

Yes, he is because he has a relationship with him as a friend before he leaves Ithaca. However, later on it may not seem so, because Eumaeus sees Odysseus after he has been transfigured by Athena.

How does penolpe treat the beggar?

Penelope treats the beggar kindly, providing him with food, shelter, and a foot washing. She shows compassion and hospitality towards him, unaware that the beggar is actually her husband, Odysseus, in disguise.

What did occupation did eumaeus have?

Eumaeus was Odysseus's swineherd.