How does God feel about us contacting the dead?

It shouldn't be done (Isaiah 8:19).

No-one can contact the dead, if a person tries or says that they can contact the dead then they are practicing what is known as Witchcraft. Only God can give permission for the dead to contact the living, and then only to pass on some message, or to fulfill an assigned duty. An angel visited Mary and the shepherds, also Christs tomb. Each had a specific duty or message to relate.

It shouldn't be done (Isaiah 8:19). Not only is 'Christian Spiritualism' a contradiction in terms, it is wrong. God forbids this because it gives us a wrong attitude towards him. Even with our friends, how can we trust in someone if we are continually putting that person to the test? Even more so with God. Jesus promised that in his Father's house were many rooms - and that he would prepare a place for us (John 14). For a Christian trusting in Jesus by faith, this should be enough without continually 'making sure' by trying to contact the dead.