How does God speak from Acts through the present?

In the book of Acts there are numerous instances of God communicating in various ways to various people.

Acts 2 God used Peter, empowered by the Holy Spirit to preach the first gospel message.

Acts 8 God used an angel to direct Philip

Acts 10 God speaks to Peter through a vision and the Holy Spirit

Acts 13 The Holy Spirit speaks to Barnabas and Paul

Acts 18 The Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision.

Acts 26 Paul recounts when Jesus spoke to him.

The Bible also says God has spoken to us through His son - Hebrews 1:2. This is a particular way God has spoken to mankind through Jesus' example and teaching.

God speaks to people through His written word, the Bible. God's word is living and powerful and it is able to correct and teach people.

The Bible says God is the unchanging - Malachi 3:6 - so it is not unreasonable to say God still speaks to people in these various ways in this present day.