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In many ways. It gets children outside to go trick or treat, it has us buy candy and hand it out to children they do not know. It's just a holiday where we can make kids happy!

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Q: How does Halloween affect American culture?
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Halloween culture can be tracked back to Mexican culture. The Mexicans made Halloween what it is today by celebrating the day of the dead on October 31st.

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Lots of cultures celebrate Halloween today.

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Halloween has roots in the Celtic (Irish) culture and was brought over to America by English and Irish immigrants.

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Halloween is good OR bad?

It depends on your religion or culture.

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This Buddhist does, not all Buddhists do. Halloween has become a secular holiday in popular culture, separated from its religious roots. Buddhists who come from a culture that celebrates Halloween may do so themselves if they please. But it is not a Buddhist holiday.

When was Halloween created?

Halloween originated in the mid-1800s as an American holiday.