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How does Hawaii rank in size?

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Hawaii is the 43rd largest US State.

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it is the 43 in size of all the states in the united states

Hawaii is the #42 state in population.

Hawaii is the 43rd largest US State.

Hawaii ranks 43rd in size of all 50 states (larger than 7 of the New England states).

Hawaii is ranked 43rd among the 50 US States in area.

Hawaii is #43 in size, #42 in population and #4 in median income.

Hawaii is #42 in the US.

Hawaii rank s42nd in the U.S. according to a 2009 industry report.

Hawaii is the 50th US State.

Hawaii became the 50th US State.

I don't know exactly but it is medium. Compared to Hawaii it's HUGE though! It depends on what u mean by rank.~Bethany Hamilton

Hawaii is #50 among the US States,

6459 Square Miles is the size of Hawaii.

Hawaii ranks as the 43rd US State in area.

Hawaii is ranked #43 in area among the US States.

822706 square miles is the rank in size of the island in Greenland

Hawaii was the 50th US State.

Hawaii was the 50th US State.

The largest county in Hawaii is Hawaii County.

The planet Mars is 7th in the rank in size.

Michigan, rank 11 in size; 96,810 square miles Minnesota, rank 12 in size; 86,943 square miles Utah, rank 13 in size; 84,904 square miles

The largest size county that is located in the state of Hawaii is Hawaii county. The county is approximately 4028 square miles.

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