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Hebrew is a phonetically simple language. Click Here to see a you-tube clip in Hebrew, where Israelis try Russian food for the first time.

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Somewhat like Spanish, since the vowels sound the same.

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Q: How does Hebrew sound to non Hebrew speakers?
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What is the Hebrew word for blue?

blue (masculine) = kakhol (כחול)blue (feminine) = kekhula (כחולה)Transliterated: Kachol.Learning how to annunciate the ch (alternately seen as kh) can be difficult for non-native speakers. The 'ch' in Hebrew is a guttural sound coming from the back of the throat.

Which Religions Speak Hebrew?

The majority of Hebrew speakers are Jewish. But some Hebrew speakers are Christian, Druze, or Muslim.

What meaning of Ruth in Hebrew?

The name "Ruth" is a word that came directly from Hebrew with very little change. The Hebrew pronunciation is "ROOS" for Ashkenazic Hebrew speakers, and "ROOT" for Sephardic Hebrew speakers.

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What race is Hebrew?

Hebrew is a language, not a race. If you are asking what ethnic group speaks Hebrew, then the majority of Hebrew speakers are Jews. The largest minority that speaks Hebrew are Arabs.