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How does Hermione Granger know everything?

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Hermione Granger can learn in every way (tactile, seeing, and hearing) so she is great at absorbing knowledge. She also reads many books and takes notes in class. She has a good memory! No one can know 'everything'

Hermione practises what spells she is said to practise. She reads her notes to remember what she learned. She also thinks logically although she is wrong at some points. She is also a very good listener and is able to interpret things with great detail.

However, Hermione doesn't "know everything." She didn't know about Horcruxes, who RAB was, the prophecy about the Chosen One, what a Mudblood was, who Nicolas Flamel was, how to play Wizard Chess, and many more things.

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Q: How does Hermione Granger know everything?
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Is Hermione Granger a know-it-all?

Nobody knows everything but Hermione Granger certainly knows a lot.

What is Hermoine Granger's address?

Hermione Granger is a fictitious person. As far as I know, her address is not mentioned in the books.Hermione Granger is a fictitious person. As far as I know, her address is not mentioned in the books.Hermione Granger is a fictitious person. As far as I know, her address is not mentioned in the books.Hermione Granger is a fictitious person. As far as I know, her address is not mentioned in the books.

Did Hermione Granger know she was a witch when she was 9?

No, Hermione Granger wasn't told about her magical abilties until she was eleven.

Where was Hermione Granger born?

Hermione Jean Granger was born on September 19, 1979, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

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When was Hermione Granger created?

Hermione Granger was created in 1997.

Who is the main girl in Harry Potter?

Hermione Granger Hermione Jean Granger is the female main character.

Where to get a Hermione Granger costume? has some Harry Potter apparel with Hermione Granger things.

Is Hermione Granger a murderer?

Hermione Granger has never killed anybody.

What is good of Hermione Granger?

Everything. She is clever, witty, loyal and cares for her friends and family.

Who is the character of Hermione Granger?

The actress who plays Hermione Granger is Emma Watson. (My favorite actress, in fact!)

Who was the girl Harry Potter was friend with?

Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Hermione Granger is a girl. but i know that Ron Weasley is a boy. Ron is played by Rupert Grint and Hermione is played by Emma Watson.

How did Hermione Granger get her name?

'Granger' came from her father's family, 'Hermione' was chosen by her parents.

Is Hermione Granger in Harry Potter a know it all?

Yes, Hermione Granger is a know-it-all. She described as the "smartest witch of her age." Hermione displays a knowledge of magic far beyond her peers and throughout the series Harry and Ron rely on her for information.

What is the last name of Hermione?

Hermione Granger.

How old is Hermione Granger now?

Hermione Granger would turn 32 in September 2011.

Is Bella Swan also Hermione Granger?

no way, Hermione Granger is played by Emma Watson.

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Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger have never kissed.

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Rose Wealsey was born in 2006 when Hermione Granger was 27.

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Hermione Granger is the character, the actor who played Hermione is named Emma Watson.

How does Harry Potter feel about Hermione Granger?

Harry Potter loves Hermione Granger as a friend and sister.

What pet does Hermione Granger have and what is it called?

Hermione Granger has a half-cat half-kneazle named Crookshanks.

What year at Hogwarts did Hermione Granger turn thirteen?

Hermione Granger turned thirteen in her second year.

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