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How does Hillary Clinton feel about gay people?

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== == It is important to realize that some politicians running for President or any other office will make all sorts of promises, but many are not kept. Hillary Clinton and Obama need votes! They will do anything to get those votes to win and they zero in on different areas of society such as Gay Rights to gain those votes. It appears that Hillary Clinton is walking the fence on Gay issues. She is very crafty at dodging the issues as most politicians are. While she admits in her speeches she is proud of how hard lesbian organizations have fought Ms. Clinton is still sitting on the fence over this topic. She has been quoted as agreeing to gay unions of a couple, but not gay marriages in the Christian sense.

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Hillary Clinton is a strong supporter of LGBT equality.

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What is the sexual orientation of Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Hillary Rodham Clinton heterosexual. She is married to Bill Clinton and has a daughter. Hillary Rodham Clinton did not believe in gay marriage until 2013, but she is now a strong supporter of LGBT rights.No, Hillary Clinton is not gay.

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Chelsea Clinton is married.

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Gay people are a very diverse segment of the population. Coming up with qualities that all gay people have in common is difficult. Here are a few:All gay people have lungsAll gay people eat foodAll gay people breatheAll gay people want good livesAll gay people feel sad at one time or anotherAll gay people feel happy at one time or another

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Is Clinton kelly from what not to wear gay?


Why are many people changing to gay lifestyles?

There is no such thing as a gay lifestyle. This is a derogatory word for a gay person's life.Nobody "changes" to be gay. People are either born gay, or they are not.What you are seeing is a change in society to accept gay people and make them feel comfortable being who they are.

How does same sex marriage promote people to be gay?

It doesn't. But it can promote gay people from coming out of the closet by making them feel safe.

How and when did gay get started?

Being gay never "got started." It is not an invention, or a fad, or anything new. Homosexuality has been around for as long as heterosexuality has, and in Hillary Clinton's words, "Being gay is not a western invention, it is a human reality." Gay people are just as natural and historically present as straight people.

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Some gay people have felt that at one time or another. But most do not live their lives dwelling on it.

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George Clinton is not bill Clinton George is his evil gay twin that likes to suck Patrick's 2 cm dick

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Sandra Bullock is a strong ally of LGBT people.

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