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Q: How does Jaden Smith know Madison Pettis?
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How many girlfriends do Jaden Smith has?

Jaden smith does not have any girlfriends, but rumors are going around saying that he might be going out with Madison pettis, but you know this can be highly unlikley!

Did Madison pettis and jaden smith uesd to go out?

No jaden and madison are just friends . how could they be bf and gf .jaden has a gf called ask willow she know don,t forget jaden is mine.

Does Madison pattis have a crush?

i don't know but she was in a pic with jaden smith

Does maddison pettis love Jaden Smith?

well i really don't know but what i am saying is that they are good friends. i love Jaden smith but i can see if she likes him he is really , and i mean really cute.

Does jaden smith love maddison pettis?

There only 12 they don't know what LOVE IS. i am also 12 and i don't even know what that means. Everybody's saying that he was going out with Madison but the truth is that they're really good friends.

Does Madison Pettis know how to whistle?

Of course she does.................

Is Madison Pettis ticklish?

i really don't know and why?

Does Madison pettis know her phone number?


Does Jaden Smith have a girlfriend now?

no I don't date Madison Pettis i hardly know her I have a girlfriend name Destiny yes Destiny is my girlfriend but she don't get on here nor famous websites like these he ain't got one he bet not lol

How do you get to know Madison pettis?

Add her on myspace! Me and her talk A LOT

How do you become friends with Madison Pettis?

u have to etheir know her or meet her

Does Leo know jaden smith?

i no

Can you go out with Jaden Smith?

Yes, I think you can go out with Jaden Smith. Also let him get to know you good, like a friend. Jaden Smith will you go out with me? Is not the way to do it!

Is Madison pettis a virgin?

Yes she's a virgin I know her she's twelve.

Does Jaden Smith know Kelsey Kembabazi?


What is jaden smith name on moshi monsters?

Jaden Smith's name on moshi monsters is not for any one to know but him and his friends jaden smith i love you with all my heart hugs and kisses

Does Jaden Smith know Aliyah Braxton?

yes Jaden Smith knows Aliyah braxton, they met at a younger age

Is Jaden Smith in love?

No one can not know ewcept he!

Does Jaden Smith really know karate?


Does Jaden Smith have a girfriend in 2011?

From what I know he hasn't.

Is Jaden Smith dating giansy paul?

nt evn know him, he doesnt evn know her she doesnt even like jaden smith so that is a NO obviously

Who is more famous Jaden Smith or Sonic the Hedgehog?

We all know that Jaden Smith is a cool actor but, unfortunatly Sonic is known more. 3/8 of Americans know Sonic while 1/8 know Jaden. :(

What is a Jaden Smith website? I am sure there is more but these are the websites I know

Will Jaden Smith date a boy?

i dont know cause i cant read the future but it is up to jaden smith but what i think he will date a girl!?!?

Why jaden smith woudnt pick you to be his girlfriend?

jaden smith wouldn't pick you to be his girlfriend because maybe he doesn't know you or he doesn't like you