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Because she keeps on shaving!

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Who is the hottest Britney Spears or Jamie Lynn Spears?

Jamie Lynn spears hottest because she have nice yumm boobs & sexy legs

How To Say Lynn In Arabic?

mghtkic r legs

What do your legs do?

your legs help you walk and keep your balance whilst standing up

Why do horses have 4 legs?

That's how God made them. *edit* Well, yes, but they need four legs to keep them balanced. *edit2* yea Liz is right :) they need 4 legs to keep balanced and they are mammals and most mammals have 4 legs.

How do you keep snakes out of the house?

close your legs

Where do penguins keep there babies?

under there legs

Why do dogs have hair on there legs?

dogs have hair on their legs for many reasons.To keep their legs insulated and warm.To protect them from undergrowth scratching their skin .

Why do you wear pants?

Pats cover your legs and keep you warm. They protect your legs when you do things like gardening.

Why do flamingos wee on there legs?

To keep themselves cool

How long can you keep crab legs in the fridge?

not that long

How can you tell the difference between a female or male tarantula?

the males have pedipaps and the females get bigger,the males have spears,a small hock on walkin legs

What actors and actresses appeared in The Legs of the Lame - 1985?

The cast of The Legs of the Lame - 1985 includes: David Clement Angela Fusco Kay Hawtrey Barbara Lloyd William Lynn August Schellenberg

How do you keep from burning your legs on engine cylinders of a Honda VLX 600?

Don't touch the hot parts with your legs

Is it good to use body lotion after shaving legs?

well ya because you want to keep your legs soft.

Why do my legs burn after you shave them?

you should keep your legs in a hot show for about 5 min before shaving... it helps me

What happens to a caterpillars legs when they turn into butterflies?

The caterpillars legs just disappears while they are in the cocoon turning to be a butterfly but they keep 2 or 4 legs when they are butterflies.

Is Michael Myers a virgin?

In "Halloween 6" were led to believe that Michael had sex with his niece, Jamie Lloyd. But it was directors cut, when the director wanted to keep it like a secret. There was a scene, when Jamie was roped to bed, and Michael was walking by her, and stopped. He was standing by her legs, and Jamie says"Uncle Michael please don't hurt me!" and the scene was clear gasping by both individuals. Thus reached at the so-called "sex scene" by Michael Myers. So he's not virgin most believed.

How do you keep from peeing?

cross your legs and think about something else

Why does your dog keep chewing it's legs?

it has vampire fleas

What were spurs on the legs of turkeys used for?

To keep their horses moving.

What is an at home remedy to stop pregnancy?

keep your legs closed

Why do you have hairs on your legs?

You have hairs on your legs to keep you warm and because we all used to be animals and we have not evolved completely to a stage were we have no hair.

How do you keep my legs straight when i do windmill?

BE MORE FLEXIBLE!DO CART WHEELS!!! EXERCISE!! Once your flexible. Do windmills with your legs straight

How does basketball keep you fit?

the running will work your legs,shooting will test your angle,and reflexes with keep you aware

How do birds keep their balance on wires etc?

The same way you keep your balance when you stand on two legs.

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