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It's not his appearance, it's the realisation of the fact that Magwitch is Estella's father. On M's deathbed, he tells him that his daughter is alive, rich and beautiful, and that he loves her dearly.

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Pip feels enchanted, mesmerized, and in awe when he is around Estella. He is infatuated by her beauty, sophistication, and aloofness, leading him to idealize her as a symbol of success and refinement. Despite her emotional cruelty towards him, Pip remains drawn to Estella throughout the novel.

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Magwitch is Estella's biological father, her mother is Jagger's assistant, her name is Molly

Magwitch (or Provis, Mr. Campbell, the convict, the shackled man): Magwitch and Pip first meet when Pip is a boy and Magwitch an escaped convict. Magwitch does not forget Pip's kindness in the marshes, and later in life devotes himself to earning money that he anonymously donates to Pip. Eventually, Magwitch comes to London to see his 'gentleman,' and after Pip's shock and shame wear off, the two become friends. Ever a convict, however, Magwitch is captured by the police. Just before he is sentenced to hang, he dies. Estella: Estella is Miss Havisham's adopted daughter and her project in cultivated cruelty. Raised by the old woman to be cruel and hard to men, Estella, a great beauty, entrances Pip. She is mean to Pip for most of his life, although at the novel's end they meet again, and she seems to be a softened, changed woman.Estella is another child of mysterious parentage, and Pip eventually learns that she's Magwitch's daughter.

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Provis told Herbert about a period during is life with complications of a woman, and Herbert informed Pip.

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Q: How does Pip feel when he is around Estella?
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What can be concluded from this passageMiss Havisham and Estella were too busy to visit with Pip.Miss Havisham and Estella didn't like Pip.Miss Havisham and Estella owed Pip some money.Miss Havisham and Estella weren't expecting Pip?

Miss Havisham and Estella were too busy to visit with Pip.

What did estella tell Pip that greatly upset him?

Estella tells Pip that she is going to marry Drummle. Pip is greatly upset by this news because he is in love with Estella and was hoping to have a future with her.

How does Pip learn that Estella is on her way to London?

Pip learns that Estella is on her way to London through a letter from Jaggers informing him of her impending arrival. Jaggers, who is Estella's guardian, notifies Pip that she will be coming to London to visit him.

How does Estella upset Pip?

Estella upsets Pip by constantly belittling him, treating him with coldness, and manipulating his feelings. She also leads him on with mixed signals and makes him feel inadequate, causing him emotional turmoil throughout their interactions.

Before Pip left Miss Havisham's yard whom did he kiss?

Pip kissed Estella.

What was Estella's attitude toward pip and how did this make him feel?

Estella initially treated Pip with disdain and superiority, making him feel inferior and unworthy. Her cold and haughty demeanor fueled his desire to become a gentleman in order to win her affection and prove himself to her. Despite her harshness, Pip remained infatuated with Estella throughout the novel.

What was Pip to do at Miss Havishams's house?

Pip was to be a playmate for Miss Havisham's adopted daughter Estella and to receive gentlemanly grooming and education in the hopes that he would become a suitable husband for Estella in the future.

Who wrote this note to Pip?


What did Estella do to Pip when he responded to her question about whether or not she was insulting?

Estella slapped Pip across the face in response to his question about her insult.

What incident occurs between pip and the pale young gentlemen include its effect on Estella?

because pip and estella founhght, estella started to have a feeling to pip:immature-ness. After this incident, Estella started to dislike him forever and throughout the sdtory.

What devastating news does Pip get about estella while visiting satis house?

Pip learns that Estella has married Bentley Drummle, a cruel and abusive man. This news devastates Pip as he had always hoped for a chance with Estella despite their differences in social status.

Who is Pip's spurner?

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