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Plato was a very generous man. he found his work threw will be able to find your answer for this question some whare else. EX: go to Google.

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Q: How does Plato's discoveries help people today?
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How does Pasteur discoveries help us today?

his work helps us to fight illness and disease

Did Marco Polo's discoveries help or harm the world today?

He has harmed a few apeople in his days

Did Albert Einstein's discoveries help people create the television?


How does Isaac Newton's discoveries help us today?

He helped us define gravity and light of the prism!

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How does Isaac Newton help us today?

Sir Isaac Newton had many discoveries that help us in mathematics and science, including his discovery of gravitational force. His discoveries are part of the core foundation for modern science and have helped scientists design machines that can go into space.

Why are discoveries important to scientists?

Yes, discoveries are important to scientists. as they help them to become popular

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They help people in the same way they do today!

Importance of Information Technology?

To teach people how to use computers to the best of their ability and to help to make technological discoveries

How did Rene Descartes' discoveries help benefit humankind?

Rene Descartes discoveries helped benefit mankind in many ways. His influence in mathematics is still used today in engineering, science, and every day life. His 'Meditations on First Philosophy' is a standard text at most university philosophy departments today.

What were plato's discoveries?

Plato didn't make any important discoveries himself but he did help with the development to maths.

What are 5 inventions and discoveries from ancient china?

help me answer this!

What are importance of these discoveries?

To relate others of there help other people to be comfort and convenience on science and technology. BY:Charmine n. Cagol

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i think... his discoveries are impotant because they help us better to understand how mass, energy, gravity, and other theorys process.

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because we can see it!

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it help us today to save pictures that people want to keep for ever and that's a way to keep them....:)

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dont be a B1tch

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They are called Christians.

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helps blind children

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they help people

1 How can studying artifacts from some of the earliest groups of people help us today?

the study of artefacts can help us build a story of how people lived long ago and understand how we got were we are today.

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It helps people know what the time is without looking at a clock

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i think it is write

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