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Q: How does Robert Frost use americalism in this poems?
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How would use stanza in a sentence?

Robert Frost's poems can sometimes include a lot of stanzas.

What aspect of Robert Frost's poetry is traditional?

Robert Frost adhered to metrical form in poetry which was traditional.

What writing style does Robert Frost use?

He had no embossed style of writing

What literary devices does Robert Frost use in the lockless door?

well Robert frost uses imagery because he explains who scared he is of what can be behind the lockless door.

Does Robert Frost use imagery in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening?


Who is Robert Morgan?

Robert Morgan is a writer of, among other thing, novels and poems. Use the link below to learn more.

Who is Morgan Robert?

Robert Morgan is a writer of, among other thing, novels and poems. Use the link below to learn more.

What poetic devices does Robert Frost use in a minor bird?

He uses personification, repetition and rhyme.

What was Robert Frost purpose for writing?

for his satisfaction he use to write,as he love it..and he wanted to represent nature's truth.

What aspect of Robert frost poetry is traditional?

His subject matter

How can you use frost in a sentence?

Congratz... You just did!!! How can you use frost in a sentence?

How do you use the word frost in a sentence?

There was frost on the ground

Examples of extended metaphor?

An extended metaphor is a metaphor that is continued into the next sentence and throughout a section of text. Several poems use extended metaphors and Shakespeare and Frost used it in their pieces.

Poems that uses rhyme?

Your question is unclear. Are you asking for some poems that use rhyme? Or are you asking what poems that use rhyme are called? Or what? Please write your question more clearly.

What are acrostic poems?

Acrostic poems are types of poems which use words for their subject. Each line of the poems starts with a letter from that subject word. These types of poems do not have to rhyme. It is sometimes referred to as a name poem.

Why use alliteration?

poets use it for poetry

A sentence using assonance?

In poems,writers use assonance to make their poems sound good.

Do you underline or use quotations for poems?


Do you use italics for the titles of poems?


Are love poems for grown ups?

no some kids or teen use poems to for girls or boys I like righting love poems and I am only 12

Does Emily Dickinson use symbolism in her poems?


What is the use of rhyme in poems?

It makes it more fun!

Does Maya Angelou use Alliteration in her poems?

yes she does

How do poets use personification in their poems?

hey this is my question :)

Why do poets use simile in poems?

so it rhymes