How does Roy mustang gain his vision back?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How does Roy mustang gain his vision back?
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Who would win in a fight Roy Mustang or Severus Snape?

Roy Mustang. He has a full flipping army and military back up. Plus, he's awesome.

When was Roy Mustang created?

Roy Mustang was created in 2001.

Is Roy Mustang Russian?


What is the sexual orientation of Roy Mustang?

No Roy Mustang is not gay. He falls in love with one of the FEMALE captains serving under him

Does Roy Mustang lose an arm?

As far as the manga goes Roy mustang has not lost an arm. He has however become blind as of chapter 102.

Who is the voice actor for roy mustang?

The Japanese voice actor for Roy Mustang is Shinichiro Miki and the English voice actor is Travis Willingham.

Why doesn't Edward Elric wear a military uniform and Roy Mustang does?

The military doesn't make extra small uniforms xD Actually, he has a civilian status so he does not have to wear the uniform.