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When he reurns to warn Scooge he says that he is doing so only because he has been allowed to do so. He cannot sya why it is this night that Scrooge can see him but he warns him that his life must change of suffer the same perils as he

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After seeing the face of Marley, Scrooge is initially frightened and shaken by the encounter. He becomes more aware of his selfish and miserly ways and starts to reflect on his own life and actions. This encounter prompts Scrooge to begin his transformation towards becoming a more compassionate and generous person.

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Q: How does Scrooge behave after seeing the face of Marley?
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Who appears in Scrooge's door knocker in A Christmas Carol?

The face of Jacob Marley appears in Scrooge's door knocker in "A Christmas Carol." Marley, Scrooge's former business partner, serves as a warning to Scrooge about the consequences of his life choices.

What did Scrooge see in his doorknocker?

It was the face of Jacob Marley

What does Scrooge see in the door knocker?

In the book " A Christmas Carol " scrooge sees the face of his old friend named Marley. I am not sure if this will help but I do recall that Marley has chains.

Who appears in Scrooges door knocker?

a ghostly vision of Jacob Marley

When Scrooge saw Marley first image?

Scrooge saw the first image of Marley's ghost in the knocker on his door, which transformed into Marley's face. This haunting image set the tone for the visitation that would follow and filled Scrooge with fear and dread.

Why is Bob Marley remembered today?

because he died of seeing your face

What is scrooge first indication that this will be no ordinary night?

The vision of Jacob Marley's face in the brass door knocker

On what did Marley's face appear to Scrooge?

Marley's face appeared on the door knocker of Scrooge's house, as Scrooge arrived home on the night of Christmas Eve. This haunting image marked the beginning of the supernatural events that transformed Scrooge's life in "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

What major event happened in stave one in a Christmas Carol?

In Stave One of "A Christmas Carol," the major event is the visitation of Marley's ghost to Ebenezer Scrooge. Marley's ghost warns Scrooge about his greedy ways and foretells the arrival of three other spirits who will help to change his ways.

How does Scrooge react when he sees Marley's face at the knocker?

Scrooge is initially shocked and dismisses the vision as a reflection of his imagination. However, he becomes unsettled and begins to question his perception of reality.

What happened to the door knocker when Scrooge went home on Christmas Eve in A Christmas Carol?

It briefly turned into Marley's face

Why did Marley visit Scrooge?

Marley visited Scrooge to warn him about his current behavior and the consequences he will face if he continues on his path of greed and selfishness. Marley hoped to change Scrooge's ways and prevent him from meeting the same fate of being burdened by chains in the afterlife.