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St Joseph allegedly helps to sell a house if a statue of him is buried in it's garden.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Encyclopedia of Catholic Devotions and Practices when describing intercession to St. Joseph in the help of selling one's house: An old, if bizarre, custom regarding St. Joseph is still popular today in the United States. It involves burying a state of St. Joseph in order to sell a piece of property. . . . Perhaps St. Joseph's role in selling real estate arose from his being patron saint of carpenters, but the exact origin of this custom is clouded in history. Although the custom seems to border on superstition, many persons with true devotion to the saint have acted in good faith to request his aid.

Please note that it says "persons with true devotion to . . . Saint [Joseph]. For anyone without a prior devotion to St. Joseph to start burying statues of Our Blessed Lord's foster father in the yard is practicing superstition which is a sin.

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Q: How does St. Joseph help sell houses?
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What angel can help sell your house?

st joseph

Has anyone ever heard a superstition of burying a statue of St Francis of Assisi in their yard in order to help sell their home?

No. That superstition is about St. Joseph.

Is burying Saint Joseph statue to help sell a house true?

Yes, people do it but it verges on superstition. One would do better to pray a novena to St. Joseph.

Why do you bury Saint Joseph statue in your yard to help sell your house?

Saint Joseph is a carpenter, among other things he oversees houses. The spell goes that: if you bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your yard, and state outloud that you need your house to sell quickly, it will be so! Just don't forget to dig him up and take him with you once it sells.

What is the Teresa of Avila petition to sell your house?

I've never heard of that one, but a small statue of St. Joseph buried upside down in the front yard is said to aid in the sale of houses.

What saint do you bury to sell your house?

St. Joseph statue. It is buried upside down, facing the property.

What saint helps to sell your home?

St. Joseph, the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the patron for those trying to sell or purchase a home.

Which saint do you bury in the backyard when you move?

Some people bury a statue of St. Joseph in their yard to help them sell a house. However, the family would be better off to pray a novena to Saint Joseph as the above practice verges on superstition.

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