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I suggest an internet search of Taoism to find the answer to this question. Though it is clear that Taoism has been very influential in China, there are opposing viewpoints as to how it impacts its followers. Some would claim positive influence and others would be just as convincing that Taoism has a negative impact on its followers and society.

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Q: How does Taoism impact its followers?
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Where do followers of Taoism worship?

Followers of Taoism worship in a Taoist temple.

How did taoism spread?

Taoism spread by its followers.

What are the names of the followers of Daoism Taoism?


What are the followers of Taoism called?

They are referred to as taoists

How do followers worship in taoism?

they helped them a lot in fighting

Who were followers of Taoism?

ikaw lang naman panget

What are follower of Taoism called?

Followers are called taoist

Where are followers of Taoism located?

There are approximately 20 million followers of Taoism worldwide. While most Taoists are found in China and Taiwan, over 30,000 are found in North America.

How many followers does daoism have?

About five to six million followers of Daoism. Daoism is also known as Taoism.

How many followers worldwide does daoism have?

Daoism (also known as Taoism) has around 225 million followers.

Is Taoism practiced around the world?

Taoism has followers all over the world but the highest numbers of adherents can be found in Asia.

How much taoism is in western Europe?

There are no true statistics for the amount of Taoism followers in Europe. However, the number will be very small as Taoism is almost solely practiced in Asia in countries such as China.

How many people follow the beliefs of Taoism?

Because there are debates over the definition of Taoism and whether it should be divided into categories of religious, philosophical, and folk following, it is difficult to estimate the number of followers. According to Wikipedia, there may be as many as 20 million followers of Taoism world-wide.

How many people follow taoism throughout the world?

about 225 million followers

What are the places of worship for the Taoism religion?

Followers of Taoism worship at shrines or temples of various types. Taoism is not a formally structured religion so much as a way of thinking, and so its followers are often Buddhists, Shintoists, or members of various East Asian folk religions.they usaully worship at home, or in a temple, that in China, is called GongTaoism is not a religion, and there is no place of worship.

How does taoism impact socially?

it makes people jack off

What famous people follow Taoism?

Bruce Lee and Alan Watts were both followers of Tao.

How has Taoism influenced followers and the society?

Taoism has been influential in China and bridges the gap between Confucian and folk religions. Other than that, in order to understand it and the influence it has on its followers and the society, I would suggest an Internet search be done. It appears there are opposing viewpoints on Taoism and how it influences its followers and society. See the Web Links, to the right under '''More Information''', for a couple of sites with distinctly different views. There are lots of others.

What 4 religions had the largest impact on china?

Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, & maybe Christianity.

What kind of an impact did Rembrandt have?

His style had many followers.

What are the sects of Taoism?

Philosophical Taoism (Daojia); Religious Taoism (Daojiao); Folk Taoism

How does Taoism provide a distinctive response to the search for meaning?

We humans are creatures of extremes. This often shows up within our spirituality, making for aberrant religious behavior. Taoism did not escape this and so later followers became extreme and fanatical in their search for meaning. Some became hermits and nihilistic. Others became compulsive and controlling in their attempts to formulate "the way" of Taoism. Followers became discouraged, some turning to Confucianism. China today is a "mixed bag" religiously. Though Taoism in its original form has faded out, its positive influence within other religious traditions, in China and worldwide, continues to be felt.

Religions practiced in Vietnam?

The main religion practiced in Vietnam is Buddhism. Many followers of this religion practice a mixture of Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

What are the taoism hierarchy or leaders?


What are the religious divisions of Taoism?

There is Taoism, Popular Taoism during the Han Dynasty, and Philosophical Taoism that sparked the Pure Conversation movement.