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Q: How does UV affect tanning?
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Do any tanning beds let you set the UV out put?

SOHO tanning beds let you set the UV out put

Can you go in a tanning bed with a titanium Rod in your leg?

Yes. A tanning bed is simply an array of UV-emitting fluorescent light bulbs, and a titanium rod will not affect any aspect of the tanning process, however tanning is never a completely safe practice.

What is uv tanning?

Uv tanning is sunbed tanning. UV stands for Ultra- violet. there are ultraviolet bulbs in a sunbed, but they're not sujestable at all. you can lose youre sight by being under a uv light for so long. miss george any help? just ask x

Do tanning bed work faster then sun tanning?

yes. because the UV is more direct in tanning beds.

Where is a nuke located on a tanning bed?

Nowhere. A tanning bed uses UV lamps.

Is a tanning bed a safer solution for tanning?

Not much--it still produces UV radiation.

How can I get a tan like some of the start in Hollywood?

Hollywood Tans, the largest chain of professional tanning salons offering unique vertical tanning systems, you will get the most luxurious UV and UVHollywood Tans, the largest chain of professional tanning salons offering unique vertical tanning systems, you will get the most luxurious UV and UV

Do tanning lotions really enhance the process when using tanning beds?

Tanning accelerators DO help quicken the tanning process. Dry skin will reflect the UV rays that make you tan. By using the accelerator, the UV rays get absrbed into the skin, making you tan faster. TANNING WITHOUT LOTIONS IN A TANNING BED IS A WASTE OF TANNING TIME AND MONEY!

What are some of the specialities of Hollywood tans?

Hollywood Tans offers both UV and UV-less tanning options to their clients. They have at least 3 different tanning options for their customers.

Does temperature or time of year affect tanning?

Does temperature or time of year affect tanning time?

Give an example of infrared radiation and uv radiation?

Infrared radiation in an stove oven and uv radiation in a tanning bed.

Is a tanning bed safer to use than artificial chemical tanning?

A tanning bed is not safer than chemical tans, as there is no risk of skin cancer or premature aging from the chemicals as there is from tanning beds and UV rays.

Do tanning beds harm your teeth?

Tanning beds use UV light to tan you, and dentists use UV light to whiten your teeth. So tanning beds help whiten your teeth, but whitening your teeth also breaks down the enamel. So yes, tanning beds are bad for your teeth, but so are whitening strips.

How can you get a tan without a tanning bed sun tanning or spray tanning?

Tanning beds and tanning by lying out in the Sun both do long term damage to your skin. A tan is your bodies responce to radiation (UV) damage. If you must have a tan then spray tanning (a dye) is your best option.

Can you get a sun burn from a light bulb?

If it emits UV, yes...tanning beds do

Do yo u really need tanning bed lotions?

Tanning lotions are essential for tanning in tanning beds. There are several different reasons why and I'll explain them to you below. If you do not use a tanning lotion in a tanning bed you may damage your skin because of the harmful effects of UV light. Tanning lotions are designed to either block UV light or increase the effects of UV light on your skin. Tanning lotions will moisture your skin and some contain Vitamin E which helps repair damaged cells. Without moisturizing your skin you can develop wrinkles or have your skin peel. To read more about tanning lotions and their effects I suggest you read my article which will give you a basic understanding of the right lotion you should be using and the advantages of each of the 3 types of tanning lotions.

Is it safe to tan in a salon while on your period?

No. Tanning (using UV lights) is not safe to do at all. Tanning can cause cancer of the skin in later life.

What are some sources of ultraviolet radiation?

The sun, stars, uv lights, and tanning beds.

Can you go tanning taking penicillin vk?

Penicillin does NOT increase UV skin sensibility.

What is Sunless Tanning?

sunless tanning is were you lay down in a coffin of some sort and it produces UV light which makes your skin darker which means that you don't even have one glimpse of the sun which is sunLESS tanning

What are the differences between a canopy tanning bed and a regular tanning bed?

Canopy tanning beds consist of a canopy with many UV lamps mounted onto it, it does not require you to lie down and be isolated like the regular tanning bed, with a canopy tanning bed you can be in any comfortable position.

What does exposure to uv light do to your skin?

UV light are of threee types: UV A UV B UV C( it doesn't reach earth's surface). UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin causing sun burns, tanning and even skin cancer.

How uv rays affect vegetables?

UV rays affect vegetables. They alter their chemical composition.

Can you get syphilis from tanning beds?

No. The environment of the tanning bed is much too harsh for the STD to survive. Think about the UV exposure and the chemicals that are sprayed on the bed for cleaning.

Can tanning beds cause radiation injuries?

UV radiation from the sun and tanning beds and lamps can cause skin damage, premature aging, and skin cancers.