How does a 14-year-old tell her mother she is pregnant?

Tell her you made a mistake and that you want her help. Explain to her that this put you in an adult situation and you handleded it accordingly.
This is not at all easy to do being 14 and pregnant. Depending on your parents, my daughter started with me first and she was 18. As a parent you love your children with everything you have and want the best for them. My daughter was in her Senior year of High School. To tell you the truth, I knew she was pregnant before she told me, I confronted her. I told her I would stand beside her no matter what. She went on to graduate with High Honors and continued her nursing career. When she admitted to me she was pregnant, my heart did sink even though I knew before she told me. I cried for my daughter just as your parents may cry for you. You are so young and you can't even get a job to support yourself and your baby, which will cost you a great deal of money. There is no easy way to tell your parents other than to sit down with them and tell them. Be honest and if you have a friend or relative whom you confide in, maybe they can help you tell your parents. Then you will all discuss where to go from there. You may consider adoption, remember there are so many wonderful couples out there who long for a child and can not have their own, so they adopt. Your child deserves a chance at life, so think about your unborn first. Put his/her needs before your own. Your just a baby as well. Your parents are going to go through all kinds of emotions. If they show anger it's not really anger, it's disapointment. I hope your parents will be understanding and supportive. Your not the first 14 yr. old to be pregnant and you won't be the last. Just be honest, completely honest. I wish the very best for you and your unborn child. Good luck to you sweetheart.
Just go up 2 her and go mum i am pregnant