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An LCD TV is different from a regular TV because a LED tv is an LCD tv with LED backlighting. Regular tv's are non lcd so they have CFL backlighting. Both tv's are reliable and widely used

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Q: How does a LCD TV differ from a regular TV?
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How does an LED TV differ from a regular LCD TV?

LED TV's have LED back-lighting. LED TV's usually last longer than LCD TV's. Bth are reliable and widely used.

What is the difference between sharp lcd and sharp aquos lcd?

Aquos is Sharp's top of the line LCD TVs. It has better picture and better features than their regular Sharp LCD TVs.

What is better HDTV or LCD?

LCD, LED, and plasma televisions are all HDTV (high definition televisions). They differ in technology, the latest on the market being LED.

Will my video game affect my lcd tv?

nope, it'll work just like a regular tv. i have an LCD, and it woks just fine with my systems.

Is Panasonic LCD tv are good?

I don't know about how good their regular LCD are, but I certainly love the picture on their plasmas.

How does an LED TV differ from an LCD TV?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, while LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LED televisions give the viewer better picture quality, higher pixalization, and do not require the backlight of a traditional LCD television.

Do you need an antenna for lcd?

You need it if you want to view regular free television. If you have satellite television or cable you only need to connect the output of the decoder to the corresponding input on you LCD television. Hope that helps.

What is the purpose of a plasma screen tv?

Plasma screen TVs differ from LCD or LED TVs. Plasma TVs use electrically charged ionized gas to display the picture. The advantages of a plasma TV are that they provide a clearer and better picture than LCD or LED TVs.

What is a LED TV, and how is it different from regular televisions?

An LED TV is a different kind of LCD TV. An LED TV has Light Emitting Diodes embedded in the screen, allowing more precise lighting than is possible in regular television sets.

What is the rating on the pioneer lcd televisions?

The power rating on the Pioneer LCD television set will differ depending on the model. Larger TV's draw more power, so you should be aware that it may increase your electric bill.

What is the difference TV and LCD?

TV = Television LCD= Lichid Crystal Display

Will an LCD TV or a plasma TV last longer?


Which is better a Plasma or an LCD HDTV and how they differ bright of sun?

Plasma is better than LCD TV because of its excellent picture graphics,contrast ratios, reliability etc.

Who invent LCD TV?

I don't know exactly who or when exactly they invented it. But I know that LCD screens have been around for quite a while. Remember all those little hand-held pocket TVs? they all have LCD screens, and they have been around for quite a while, way before regular home LCD TVs become popular with the advent of HDTV.

Difference between a LCD TV and a LCD monitor?

Same thing except LCD TVs are televisions by themselves while LCD monitors can serve as either a television OR a computer monitor.

Which TV uses more electricity - an LCD TV or an LED TV?

Lcd tv

Which TV has better image quality LCD TV or rear projection TV?

lcd tv with hdtv

Where can I get an LCD TV Repair done?

To replace your LCD TV you should go to the electronic shops from which you bought the LCD TV. Or, you can also visit the official customer center of the LCD TV brand in your area.

Top 10 lcd TV?

1. Toshiba REGZA 52RV530U 52 in. HDTV LCD TV 2. Sharp AQUOS LC-52D62U 52 in. HDTV LCD TV 3. Samsung LNT5265F 52 in. HDTV LCD TV 4. Sony KDL-40V3000U 40 in. HDTV-Ready LCD TV 5. Sony KDL32L4000 32 in. HDTV LCD TV 6. Panasonic TC-32LX85 32 in. HDTV LCD TV 7. Sharp LC-32SH12U 32 in. LCD TV 8. Vizio VU32L 32 in. HDTV LCD TV 9. Syntax-Brillian LT27HVS 27 in. LCD TV 10. Memorex MLTD2622 26 in. LCD TV TV/DVD Combo

Are plasma tv recievers better than LCD?

No most people consider lcd tvs better than plasma tvs. Plasma tvs are harder to fix than lcd tvs. Lcd tvs also have a clearer picture than plasma tvs do.

What are some LCD HD TV features that are new and different from regular TV's?

High definition picture is the biggest feature. Being able to see every little detail can greatly enhance your viewing pleasure. New LCD tvs lack a picture tube like a regular tv, so they can't just burn out.

What exactly are LED - LCD HDTVs and what is the difference between them and a regular led or LCD tv?

An LCD TV is exactly an LCD screen with fluorescent lighting shining through it. Without the light, you could see very little on the screen. An LED TV is exactly an LCD screen with LEDs behind the LCD screen shining through it. The LED lighting gives more even color and brightness on all pixels, and results in a sharper image with more 'pop'.

How many whats does an LCD tv use?

It depends on the size of the LCD Panel and the audio power on the LCD TV.

Who invented LCD TV?

Sharp is the first compnay to use lcd in TVs

Which is batter TV led or LCD?

led is better than lcd tv