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A Pokemon can get Pokerus in any game. You can get pokerus by meeting a wild Pokemon infected by Pokerus. When you have Pokerus, all Pokemon that is with it (your party or a box etc. ) will also be infected by Pokerus. But if it is kept in your party, Pokerus will gradually go away. Your Pokemon does still does get boosted EVs however.

if you want to have a pokerus in ur Pokemon that badly just use action replay code to get it... and if u want to remove it then just change your date like 5 days or more

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How do you get pokerus on platinum diamond and pearl?

Pokerus happens at random, it is about as rare a finding a shiny pokemon.

What happens if there is a smiley in Pokemon in pearl?

the Pokemon had Pokerus but its already cured

How do you get the Pokemon disease pokerus in pearl?

it is a rare disease that you may not get in diamond or pearl but if you do get it you'll get it from a wild Pokemon battle then nurse joy will tell you you have the pokerus disease, you can get it on ar too.

What is pokerus on Pokemon Pearl?

You know, Pokerus can happen in any version. But anyway pokerus is a virus you can get very rarely from a wild Pokemon.( unfortunatly, you cant tell if the wild Pokemon has the pokerus.) Also you can heal your Pokemon alot of times. Its never happened to my Pokemon before but if you want more info. about it you can buy a Pokemon pearl/diamond guide. that's where I got the info.

On Pokemon pearl does pokerus freeze your game?

nope i traded a kyogre from Sapphire and it has pokerus don't worry about it

Where can you find a wild Pokemon with pokerus in Pokemon Diamond?

you can't really tell if the Pokemon has pokerus i got my pokerus from random battle with a wild Pokemon if have pokerus and you want to spread with the other Pokemon you have will this to do it first put the Pokemon that have pokerus first in your party and the Pokemon you want to have pokerus in the second of your party

Can your Pokemon catch pokerus in ruby version?

There is no such Pokemon called pokerus Answer: Yes, they can. My Pokemon caught pokerus before. And for people who don't know what pokerus is, it's a virus that your Pokemon can get if you battle an infected Pokemon. Pokerus affects your Pokemon's stats.

How do poke'mon get pok'rs?

Pokemon get the Pokerus from batting wild Pokemon that have the Pokerus. Chances of you batting a wild Pokemon with the Pokerus are 3 in 65,536.

In Pokemon diamond What is the easist way to get pokerus?

trade on GTS till you get a Pokemon with pokerus that's how i got my pokerus

What does the pokevirus do?

first that pokerus second it triple the ev of a Pokemon for 3 days if his in your party if he in the PC the pokerus stays (pokerus its a very good thing) and you should put a Pokemon that have pokerus with Pokemon that don't have but didnt have to make him to get pokerus to.

In Pokemon Diamond how do you transfer the pokerus to the other Pokemon?

Get a Pokemon with Pokerus and put the Pokemon you want to have it in the party with it. To transfer the PokeRus condition to other Pokemon, have the infected Pokemon in the party with the desired Pokemon and take it out to battle. After a few battles, most (or all) of the Pokemon will have contracted PokeRus.

How do you activate the pokerus cheat?

The Pokerus is not a cheat, but a random status aliment that Pokemon can contract. Obtaining Pokerus is largely random, but can be spread by having a Pokemon with Pokerus in the party with other uninfected Pokemon.

In Pokemon Pearl how do you get rid of Pokerus?

why do u wanna get rid of it, pokerus it is a good thing that makes their stats gp up more when they lvl up and the Pokemon can only get it once, it will go by itself anyway, If you change your date like 5 days or more then the pokerus will be remove

How do you get pokerus?

Pokerus is a virus that effects random wild Pokemon, effecting their status leveling. There's no way to force pokerus, except an Action Replay code for Diamond and Pearl which will cause an "infestation" in your party. The code was once on, but for some reason, I can't seem to find it... it is a rare disease that you may not get in diamond or pearl but if you do get it you'll get it from a wild Pokemon battle then nurse joy will tell you you have the pokerus disease, you can get it on ar too.

What are the signs of pokerus?

If the Pokemon has pokerus, it will have PKRS as a stamp on its data page. if the Pokemon had pokerus, it will have a smiley face stamp. pokerus more oftenly occurs when it is traded to you internationally

How do you get your Pokemon to get pokerus?

A Pokemon can develop pokerus after being healed at the poke center lots of times. You can also catch a Pokemon in the wild with pokerus, but this is very rare.

In Pokemon diamond what is pokerus?

Pokerus is a useful virus that can help you wile your training your pokemon...

Does the Pokerus action replay code for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl always give you a bad egg?

No it does not get you a bad egg

Does anybody have a short and working Pokemon Pearl Pokerus Action Replay code and what buttons to press to enable it?


How do you spread pokerus in fire red or LeafGreen?

If you get a Pokerus, then you're very lucky. So keep the Pokemon that you want to get the Pokerus spread to, and keep them in your party. As you travel, the Pokerus will gradually spread to all of the Pokemon in your party. Another great note - If you want every single Pokemon you have to get Pokerus, then keep one Pokemon with Pokerus in your PC Box. I think the Pokerus doesn't go away there, so you can keep on spreading Pokerus to every other!

How can a Pokemon get pokerus?

A Pokemon can get PokeRus by battling a wild Pokemon that is infected with it. It is completely by random. You will know you have it when you go to a Pokemon Center in which after healing the nurse will tell you your Pokemon is infected. The Pokemon with PokeRus will infect all other Pokemon in your party with PokeRus as well. PokeRus will leave after a time and the Pokemon will become immune to it, similar to an actual virus. However, if the Pokemon with PokeRus is left in the PC it will stay infected. In the case of leaving a Pokemon in the PC it will not infect the other Pokemon in the box. Another method is by using cheat codes, if you are not completely against the idea, in which you obtain a Pokemon through action replay(If it is a DS Pokemon game) that has PokeRus.

What is pokerus in Pokemon Platinum?

pokerus is a virus thank is good for pokemon. it raises stats and hp.

How do you get pokerus in Pokemon Heart Gold?

there is no sure fire way to get pokerus on a Pokemon it is completely random.

How do you give Pokemon pokerus?

Pokerus occurs randomly. If a Pokemon has this disease, it may spread to the others in the party. when the pokerus dissapears, the effects will remain, but it will no longer spread throught that Pokemon.

How do you infect other Pokemon with pokerus?

If you want your Pokemon to have pokerus, you first have to have a Pokemon that already has pokerus. You then battle alot with the Pokemon that has pokerus. To get your other Pokemon to have it, you have to have the Pokemon you want to have pokerus be in your party with the Pokemon with pokerus for it to work. Otherwise, catch alot of Pokemon. Then battle with it, make it stronger and it may get pokerus later on. I SWEAR IT WILL WORK I CAUGHT A MURKROW ONCE,TRAINED IT ALOT, AND WALKED INTO THE POKEMON CENTER AND THE NURSE EVEN SAID, "Your Pokemon may be dignosed with the pokerus and is stronger than it is supposed to be, and grows at an enormous level," PS: THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR POKEMON WILL GROW STRONGER THAN LEVEL 100. Also, there is a 1 of 3 chance your other Pokemon will catch pokerus. If it doesn't work the first time, try it on other Pokemon. I just remembered if you put your Pokemon in PC boxes or something other THAN YOUR PARTY, it will have pokerus forever. If you want your Pokemon to keep pokerus and use it, mark my words- to keep it's pokerus, only take it to the Pokemon center when it is absolutely necessary....I think I'm done now.

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