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the simplest way is to marry a canadian citizen


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can a Canadian citizen become us citizen

You can lose it if you become a Canadian citizen through Naturalization.

he will stay American citizen....he has to apply to become a Canadian citizen or his wife has to apply for him and will have to tell the court that she has married him

Yes, You have to go through a tough process but yes a Canadian can become a Citizen by marrying an American.

if they are not born in canada or if there parents are not citizen

It is not possible to become a Canadian Citizen just by marrying a Canadian citizen. Citizenship cannot be acquired by marriage in any country.

I would think they would have to become a us citizen.

Not automatically, no. Any foreign national CAN become a US citizen, but, request has to be made. In many cases, dual citizenship may be offered by the original nation, and may or may not be considered by the US INS. Please make careful inquiry of BOTH the original nation and the US INS to avoid any problems. _____________________________________________________________________ yes, even if you werent canadian.

On his offical site it said that he did become a canadain citizen!!!

You can become a citizen just like any other immigrant. Having family who are US citizens might make it easier, though.

Maybe it depends you could become a U.S but yes of course you can cross the border after marrying a U.S citizen but you will eventually if you live there have to become a U.S citizen

Your spouse would be able to sponser you for Australian citizenship

how can i get a US green card, I am a Canadian citizen and are living and working in the US with a TN visa.

No, the parent does not automatically become a citizen.

If they hold a Canadian citizenship they already are Canadian and there is no need to apply.

Unless you're a dual citizen you don't have a choice - you need to be a citizen of the country to serve in its military. The above is actually only true in regards to the Canadian Forces - they require you to be a Canadian citizen. You can join the US military as a foreign citizen, provided you've established permanent residence in the US, and have declared an intent to become a US citizen.

how can you be a Canadian citizen with Indian passport. If you are Canadian resident with Indian passport yes you have to get a US Visa.

You can be born a US Citizen.You can become a naturalized US Citizen.

You can become a FBI agent, but not as a Canadian citizen, you also can't have a joint citizenship (Canadian and US). But, the process to become a US citizen is long. I recommende that you stick with Law enforcment in your region. Plus, getting in the FBI is not an easy task. I hope the info helps you out! And remember, FBI is not like Hollywood represents it, it's allot of hard desk work.

No, they do not become a citizen by virtue of marriage.

How do immigrants become a Canadian citizen

If a US citizen divorces a Canadian citizen (who is in US legally) and they have a minor child who has dual citizenship can the US Citizen who is the dad file to state that mom (Canadian)cannot take minor child out of the Arizona (the state they currently reside in) for no longer than 30 days for vacation purpose?

Yes definitely you can get Canadian citizenship too. As you have US citizenship, it is not difficult to get Canadian citizenship as US allow dual citizenship. This can get obtained either through marriage or naturalization. Even extended stay in Canada can also be added advantage for Canadian citizenship, however it also comes under naturalization.

One way is to sign a form confirming that you want your child to be a Canadian citizen, then when the papers are signed, they're a Canadian citizen.

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