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They walk around looking for berries or meat.

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Why do the black bear and the gull have a mutualism relationship?

Because the gull finds food for the bear, and the gull get's some of the food (i think) and when both organisms get something out of it, it's called mutualism.

What is a black bear attracted to?


What does the Louisiana black bear eat?


How do black bear cubs eat?

Black bear cubs are born in the early spring in the hibernation den. Black bear mothers feed the cubs from her breast. They will continue to feed from their mother until they adapt to a diet of all solid food. At that time they will eat foods that their mother finds and shows them to eat, including berries, most fruits, vegetation and some fish.

Where does the black bear fit in the food web?

The American black bear fits at the top of the food web, as a third level consumer. This bear normally eats producers, (berries, nuts, seeds, and veggies.) If none of those are avalibale, it will eat meat. The black bear is an omnivore.

How many pounds of food can the black bear eat daily?

A black bear eats 34 to 37.7 pounds a day

How does a black bear get their food?

diary of a wimpy kid

What is the ecological role of a black bear?

to eat food and fish

What food does a blackbear eat?

can muslims eat black bear

How does the food web of the taiga function in the biome?

Ameriacan Black Bear

Is there a animal that eat the black bear food chain?

yes! it is man...

Where does a black bear get food?

In the wild and in rivers. They would it berries or fish.

Whats the difference between a black bear and brown bear?

Ones black, ones brown! That's only part of it. Brown bears are larger than black bears. They have different habitats. Brown bear sub-species include the grizzly bear. Brown Bear (Ursus Arctos) Black Bear (Ursus Americanus) Humorous Answer: Climb a tree. If the bear climbs the tree after you and eats you, it's a black bear. If the bear knocks the tree down and eats you, it's a grizzly bear. 99 Says - A Grizzly bear will let you play dead and walk away. A black bear will not. The reason being that a black bear will attack ( for the most part) for food. A grizzly attacks out of defense (usually food or young).

What is a black bear?

A black bear is one of two species of bear, the American black bear Ursus americanus, or the Asiatic black bear, Ursus thibetanus.

What is the black bears habitat?

A very adaptable creature, the black bear can be found anywhere there is water, food, and places for dens. Only barren, cold tundra or deserts are free of the black bear.

What lives with a black bear?

a black baby bear and a black mother bear believe it or not

Why is a black bear called a black bear?

Because it's black and it's a bear.

How long can a black bear go without food or water?

100 days

What can kill a black bear?

Humans and grizzly bears, primarily. Humans are a black bear's enemies. A grizzly bear may even kill a black bear of these two species crossed paths and happened to be competing for the same food or carcass as the other.

What organisms does the black bear interact with?

Other black bears, the plants and animal it eats, and the animals that it competes with for food.

What is a bear's favorite food?

any types of berriesGrizzly Bear - SalmonBlack Bear - blue berriesSloth Bear - TermitesPanda Bear - BambooHoney Bear - flowersSpectacled Bear - Tubers

Which is bigger a black bear or a panda bear?

A black bear is bigger.

Can a tiger eat a black bear?

An Asian black bear, yes. American black bear, no.

Is a black bear a bird?

No. A black bear is a mammal, i.e., a bear like a grizzly bear or a polar bear.

What is another name for Asian black bear?

Another names of Asian black bear are moon bear, white-chested bear and Himalayan black bear.