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Q: How does a black rhino survive?
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Why should a black rhino survive?

It is part of food chain

What are the actions of a black rhino used to survive?

by charging and hitting with the horn

What baby animal weighs 80 pounds?

Black Rhino Baby

Which rhino is larger black or white?

The white rhino is bigger than the black rhino

What rhino is stronger the white rhino or the black rhino?

white rhino

What country does black rhino live in?

Black rhino, are one of just two species of rhino, found in Africa.

What is the habitat of the black rhino?

the black rhino is found in the African savannas

Why are black rhino extinct?

The black rhino is highly endangered, but not extinct.

Black rhino life cycle?

baby rhino-adult rhino

What is the mass of a black male rhino?

The mass of a black rhino is 3000 pounds.

What biome does the black Rhino live in?

the black and white rhino live in Africa

Predict the future when will the black rhino be extinct?

The black Rhino will be extinct in 2016

What rhino species are there?

ther is the white rhino n the black rhino xox

Is the black rhino black?


How does a black rhino get food?

The rhino is a herbivore they graze.

How many black rhino are there?

the population of rhino is 3000.

Is a black rhino a reptile?

a blak rhino is not a reptile

What is the biggest rhino ever recorded?

Black rhino

Who would win black rhino or hippo?

The Rhino.

What is the future like for the black rhino and their species?

Due to conservation efforts, numbers are stabilizing (numbers of the black rhino population). Recovery is on it's way for the Black Rhino, if these trends continue.

Where do red rhinos live?

There is no such thing as a red rhino. There are five rhino species alive today. They are the white rhino, black rhino, Indian rhino, Sumatran rhino, and Javan rhino.

What is the current population of the black rhino?

population for Black Rhino is 0 they went extinct in 2006

What does the black rhino do?

The Black Rhino eats, drinks, mates, gives birth, fights etc...

What is the scientific name of western black rhino?

Diceros bicornis longipes is the scientific name of the western black rhino.

How do you survive a rhino attack?

don't go neaar rhinos