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Hedgehogs mongooses

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Q: How does a black snake kill its prey?
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What does a black headed python kill?

As with the majority of snake species - they usually prey on rodents for food.

Does a snake kill the prey than eats it?

yes it does

What is a prey for a black rat snake?


How does a brown snake kill its prey?

One word: Venom

How does a sidewinder snake kill its prey?

With venom. It has a venomous bite.

How does a milk snake kill it's prey?

it constricts its prey suffocating it before swallowing it whole

Does a coral snake squeeze its prey to death?

No. Coral snakes kill their prey with a venomous bite.

How snake feeds it young?

Kill the prey before they feed it to their young.

What are some adaptations of the king cobra snake?

venom to kill prey

What facts about boa constrictor?

It is the largest snake in the world, and does not use venom to kill its prey.

Describe how a species of snake could evolve to have longer fangs How long would it take?

A snake could change and go look for its prey or someone will kill the snake and it would a prey it would take about hunderds of years

Should never kill a black snake?

Depends on the black snake. You really shouldn't kill it. IF it bothers you call animal services and they can have someone come and remove it