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Q: How does a blue dolphin protect itself?
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How does a dusky dolphin protect itself?

By the sound it makes.

How does a bottlnose dolphin protect itself?

by butting its head in the preditor

How does a hectores dolphin protect itself?

by swiming away or by sqeling.

How does a dolphin protect itself from danger?

a dolphin protects itself by when a predator is there, for example a hammerhead shark they would use there teamwork to kill their predator.

How common dolphin protect itself?

it uses its nose and hits the prediter

Does a dolphin adapt its appearance to protect itself?

Yes dolphins do appear

How does the ganges river dolphin protect itself?

by swimming fastly

How does a dolphin do to protect itself from being eaten?

keep calm and make me 07

How does blue penguin protect itself?

They protect themselfs by camoflaging

How does a blue footed booby protect itself?

how does

How does a dolphin protect itself from predators?

because bottle nose dolphins are gay and they have sex to have baby

How does the dolphin protect itself from predators?

They have incredible speed so to confuse the predators they jump in the air.