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The snake bites the prey and wraps around it. Contrary to what you may have heard, they don't crush bones, but rather seem to exert enough pressure to kill the prey by preventing it from breathing.

There is a new hypothesis that they generate enough pressure to stop the prey's heart, but while the evidence is suggestive, no definitive test has been made.

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What facts about boa constrictor?

It is the largest snake in the world, and does not use venom to kill its prey.

What type of consumer is a boa constrictor?

A boa constrictor is a snake that restricts its prey, preventing the prey from breathing, until dead, and the prey is then swallowed whole.

Is a boa a snake?

Yes it is - It's a large species of snake, that kills its prey by constriction.

The boa is a snake that suffocates is prey?

It tightens its hold on its prey every time the prey exhales, and as it does so, the prey loses the oxygen supply to its blood. So yes, the boa suffocates its prey.

Are boa constricters poisonouse?

No - Boa Constrictors kill their prey by asphyxiation - they squeeze their prey until it cant breath in - and it suffocates.

Why is a boa constrictor called a boa constrictor?

Boa is the subspecies and constrictor because that's how they kill their prey. But wrapping around it and constricting till the prey dies of suffocation

What snake suffocates it's prey?

constrictors such as the boa constrictor anaconda etc

How does a boa constrictor snake eat its prey?

The boa constrictor spreads it ribs apart to get the large animal down its body.

Are boa constrictors poisonous?

No, they kill they're prey by constriction.

Is a boa a lizard or a snake?

A boa is a snakeSNAKE

What snake can kill a human the fastest?

The snake that can kill a human the FASTEST is actually a Boa constrictor. This snake can kill a human in less than 30 seconds. Whereas a black mamba can kill a human in less than 10 minutes, a human will be long dead if constricted by a boa constrictor.

What is the difference between a rattlesnake and a boa consrictor?

rattle snake kills its prey with poison but boa on the other hand is not poisons & kills its prey by rolling around it,blocking its respiratery track....

How do boa constrictors kill their pray?

Boa Constrictors grip their prey with their teeth, then they wrap themselves around the prey. When the prey breaths out, the grip is tightened, so the prey can't take another breath and is suffocated.

Is a snake a boa constricter?

A boa constrictor is a snake.

What snake likes to hug its prey and death?

All constrictor snakes (e.g. Boa Constrictor)

When is a virgin island tree boa considered a predator?

Yes, all snakes are predators. Any snake, boa or not, eats prey, so they are carnivores.

How does a boa constrictor kill it's prey?

By constricting it. (Which means to strangle to death)

Is sand boa vanamous?

No. Boas are constrictors and kill their prey via suffocation.

How fast do boa constrictors kill on avrege?

Most constrictors can kill their prey within ten seconds !

What snake suffocates its prey?

Snakes that suffocate their prey are called constrictors. Some constrictors include boa constrictors (obviously), pythons, and anacondas.

Is constrictor an adjective?

No. The ending -OR means that it is a noun. The term 'boa' is used for a feather wrap, whereas 'boa constrictor' is a large snake that kills its prey by crushing.

Are boa constrictors poisonus?

Boa Constrictors are not poisonous. They kill their prey by seizing it in their jaws, then entwining it in their powerful body coils and suffocating it.

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