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When you throw up nothing but stomach acid and water.

AnswerYou keep gaggging yourself until you feel your stomach turn over and a really potent acid come up with no food AnswerWhy would you make yourself throw up? If you want to be skinny, eat healthy in the first place. Being bulimic is dangerous and unhealthy.
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Q: How does a bulimic know if she has vomited up her entire meal?
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Will you lose weight if you throw up one hour after every meal?

if you want to be bulimic

How do you know if you vomit the whole meal?

well i shouldn't be answering this question but being a bulimic myself i can tell u that u know u threw up the whole meal wen u cant throw anything up and all ur getting is dry heaves

Will being bulimic cause weight loss?

Yes and No. Being bulimic will because you are not keeping anything down however this will lead to severe health problems and if it is continued your body will start eating its own tissues and organs for food. No because every time you do eat your body will put on the weight because it does not know when the next meal is coming.

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How many times a day does the average bulimic vomits?

Depending on how bad the case normally after every meal or when the individual is feeling "fat"

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Do bulemics throw up every meal?

It actually depends. I was a bulimic, and I wouldn't eat breakfast or lunch, then I'd eat dinner then throw it up. Or if I'd eat breakfast or lunch, and it was big, I'd throw it up.

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How much does a bulimic throw up at one time after eating a regular dinner?

until the stomache is empty Well, personally, I throw up as much food as is humanly possible after a meal, basically, until my throat aches and nothing else comes out.

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