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How does a car heater work?


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2011-09-12 21:23:27
2011-09-12 21:23:27

[first time answering questions] car heater works like the reverse of the normal cooling radiator - in fact the heater is like a small version of the rad that's on the frnt of the car - the hot water from the engine block goes into this small rad and the heater fan blows air thru it into the car - the hot heater rad loses heat into the car and - bingo - you get warm inside


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You could have a problem with your thermostat in the car.

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The battery runs a fan that pushes air through the residual engine heat in the heater radiator into the car.

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the heater of your car does not only work when the car is in motion. it only works when the engine is started. you don't have a heater in your car like you do your home. the heat that you feel when you turn on your heater in your car is produced by the engine. and there for if your car is not on then you will not receive any heat. some cars take longer than others to "heat up".

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have you checked the fuses? if so, maybe the heater core needs replacing

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You might need a new thermostat or heater core.

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