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How does a catalytic converter work?

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2017-08-18 05:47:37

A catalytic converter works by the various precious minerals and

metals inside it. Quite simply they convert the dangerous chemicals

inside the exhaust gases(carbon monixide,NOx etc) into less harmful

ones (carbon dioxide etc). Due to the minerals and metals inside

though they are often target to thieves as they can fetch quite a

high price at the scrap yard. The catalytic converters that got

stole off the HGV's at our work had a value of £800!

Catalytic converters work by having the heated gases react with the

precious metals in the catalytic converter. There is platinum

palladium and rhodium in a catalytic converter all three are very

expensive and rare metals. Because of the honeycomb shape of the

catalytic biscuit there is a lot of surface area for the gas to be

neutralized on.

Prior to catalytic converters being on every car for every mile

you drove your car would punch out somewhere around 100g's of

pollution. After the addition of catalytic converters with platinum

and palladium this number dropped to less than 1g of pollution per

mile. After the addition of rhodium it dropped N/E which is non


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