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How does a cell phone transmit sound?

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A cell phone does not directly transmit sound. Instead it uses a microphone to convert what you are saying into electronic form. It then communicates with the cell station and sends it the electronic signals which represent your voice. The receiving person's cell phone then reassembles the electronic code representing voice into sound, using a speaker.

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How does a cell phone transmit sound faster than 741 MPH and how does the signal convert to sound?

A cell 'phone does not transmit sound. It transmits electromagnetic radiation. Sound is converted to and from an electromagnetic signal by the microphone and speaker.

What is the cell phone?

A cell phone is a phone that uses cellular towers to transmit calls.

How does a phone transmit sound?

By electro magnet ed waves

Can you buy a cell phone that is just a phone?

No. A cell phone uses cell towers to transmit calls. A regular phone plugs into the wall or an adaptor of some sort.

What does a cell phone transmit?

High frequency radio waves.

What types of waves transmit your voice on the cell phone?


What obstacles did the cell phone makers have when they made the cell phone?

They needed to have a way to transmit the calls. Their solution was cell phone towers which allow the phones to carry a signal and make calls.

How far can a cell phone transmit radio waves?

Until you lose service.

What is the function of duplexer in a cell phone?

The way a duplex functions in a cell phone is by having a two - way communication in which both terminals can transmit simultaneously.

What does the suffix phone mean?

-phone means "sound"It has to do with sound or speaking. For example, a "telephone" is something that lets you transmit sound over long distances, while a "francophone" is someone who speaks French.

Does cell phones have radiowaves?

Yes. A cell phone is basically a phone connected to two radios, One radio tuned to listen and one radio to transmit what you say.

What transmit sound the fastest?

Solids transmit sound the fastest, then liquids, then gases

Whats the difference between the telegraph and the cell phones?

A telegraph relies on a wire to transmit a message to an individual on the receiving end. A cell phone is a wireless device that uses radio waves to transmit a signal.

Is there anywhere where an international cellular phone wouldn't work?

Yes. There are plenty of places all over the world where there aren't cell phone towers to transmit the cell phone signal. For those places, a satellite phone would work.

What do radio waves transfer between a cell phone and cell tower?


What kind of waved a cell phone telephone used to transmit and receive signals?

Mobile phones transmit and receive date and calls in the microwave section of the radio spectrum.

Why would a cell phone not make a sound in space?

You can't hear sound in space

Can you track a cell phone if it is turned off?

Not through normal cell phone technology. If you're paranoid, remove the battery.AnswerCell phones would only transmit information and data when its turned on, so you'll never be tracked down when your phone is dead.

How does cell phone towers help cell phones?

It enables them to transmit signals which allows you to make calls, send text messages, or send emails.

What type of thing does not transmit sound?

Sound and vibration are transmitted by matter. So a vacuum will transmit neither.

How do you get a DVD recorded in your cell phone?

You cannot get a DVD recorded in your cell phone. You could play the DVD on another device and use the sound recording option of the cell phone to record the DVD or you could use the camera of the cell phone to record both sound and video. You might also play the DVD on your computer and connect the cell to the computer via a USB cable.

What is a micro phone?

A microphone is a transducer, that converts sound pressure waves into a varying electric signal. It can then be used to amplify, record or transmit sound to various other devices.

What is the type of waves that transmit sound?

Sound waves

What is cellphone radiation?

Since a cell phone uses radio waves to communicate, it will both receive and transmit radio waves.

What would Chromatin represent in a city?

It a eukaryotic cell were a city, the chromatin would make up the telephone lines. Chromatin transmits the DNA to the cell just as phone lines transmit calls to one's phone.