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Just like a squirrel...they stand on their hind legs and hold the food with their front paws :)

Owner to 4 Chinchillas <3

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Can a chinchilla eat fleece?

no a chinchilla should not be allowed to eat fleece. many things can cause impactation and kill a chinchilla

What eats a chinchilla?

Skunks, snakes, and some birds will eat a chinchilla.

Do cats eat Chinchilla?

cats may eat a chinchilla, since cats a ment to eat rodents and other small animals.

Can a chinchilla eat a cat?


Can rabbits eat chinchilla food?


Can a chinchilla eat bananas?


Can a chinchilla eat cucumber?

only with salt

What does chinchilla eat?

Chincilla eat green plants or grasses in the desert.

What do chinchilla do daliy?

eat, sleep, eat, sleep, look cute, run, jump, sleep, nibble, nibble, sleep, eat, pee, poop that's basically what a chinchilla does :D

What kinds of food does a chinchilla eat?

They eat almonds raisins apples carrots

What does the short-tailed chinchilla eat?


Can your chinchilla eat table scraps or carrots?


Can a chinchilla eat zuccini?

No way It'll kill them

Can rabbits eat chinchilla apple sticks?


What type of fruit do chinchillas eat?

chinchilla should not be given fruit. fruit is gassy and gassy foods can cause a chinchilla to bloat and bloat can kill a chinchilla if not caught in time and treated.

Why does your chinchilla eat the universe?

Because, it's what God wanted.

What food does a chinchilla eat?

Chinchillas eat fresh hay, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and dried herbs. There are also commercially prepared foods especially for chinchillas such as chinchilla crackers.

Is chinchilla a herbivore or a omnivore?

herbivores ... But in extreme cases where the kit has died, the mother will eat the carcass of the dead newborn baby. (disgusting I know!) If the baby is healthy, the mother chinchilla will eat the placenta.

What animal is a chinchilla?

a chinchilla is a chinchilla

Can a chinchilla eat guinea pig food?

yes it can, before you run out of the chinchilla food make sure you put a little of food in the chinchilla's bowl and mix it in with the little of the chinchilla food and that's it then you can feed it the food

Does a chinchilla eat meat?

NO. they can only eat chinchilla food if you feed them anything like meat sunflower seeds raisins so on it will kill them if you read anything about feeding your chinchillas treats it is not good for them and will kill them please do not feed them anything other then chinchilla food and chinchilla treats if its not made for chinchillas it will kill them. also use chinchilla sand not dust sand is very bad for them. anything with sugar in it can kill your chinchilla and will over time they live 10-20 years but if you feed them to many treats they will not live long at all.

Is it safe to give a child a chinchilla?

Never. Chinchillas eat children.

What is a scientific name for a chinchilla?

Chinchilla Lanigera or Chinchilla Brevicaudata

How many kind of chinchillas are there?

There are two species of chinchillas: the long-tailed chinchilla and the short-tailed chinchilla. That vary in color. White Chinchilla Black Chinchilla Beige Chinchilla Purple Chinchilla Brown Chinchilla Grey Chinchilla Pink White Chinchilla

What are the two species of chinchilla?

Chinchilla brevicaudata and Chinchillalanigera.

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