How does a clothing iron get hot?

Updated: 4/18/2022
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All temperatures are in Centigrade.

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According to, the temperature of a clothes iron is as follows: Acrylic setting, 107; Nylon/Silk 121; Rayon 132; Cotton blends 149; wool 166; 100% cotton 193, and Linen 204 degrees. The iron will get hotter if it is left on the fabric, and it must be attended at all times. Modern electric irons have automatic shut offs to help prevent fires.

The heat from a clothes iron ranges from 100-200C, but can get hotter if left on the cloth.

Acrylic setting, 107;

Nylon/Silk 121;

Rayon 132;

Cotton blends 149;

wool 166;

100% cotton 193,

and Linen 204 degrees.

Source: Ski Wax

-James Villamor

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Q: How does a clothing iron get hot?
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