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How does a company record a bill in its books that was forgiven by creditor?

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A very good idea. Any charge off - which is really only an accounting entry on the books of your creditor - that you haven't received an offical agreement/notice that the creditor has actually forgiven the debt and relieved you of having to pay, (not just accepted it may be worth nothing and uncollectable), is still an obligation to you.

In Company menu drop down there is Journal entry in list, through that you can record journal entries in quick books.

No, the collection agency is now the rightful owner of the debt in question and the original creditor has removed the account from their books.

Guinness world record books are found in the same places that other books are found: book stores and libraries.

Writes a check and sends it out to the creditor.

Purchase day books is used to record all purchases made by company on credit and no other information is available on this book.

The books were ordered from your company, not B&n.

books, account books, record books, registers, logs, accounts; records, books; balance sheets, financial statements.

Historic record show that books were hand written

There is no record in the books of this

The books and records of a company are the accounting books and records, the book of the minutes of the meetings of the board of directors and the shareholders, and the bylaws and changes adopted by the board of directors, and the company chartering documents from the jurisdiction in which the company is chartered. Other documents, such as personnel and operation's reports and records, are not usually deemed the books and records of the company but may be disclosed or discovered in a lawsuit against the company.

On Quick Books, where do you record cash that you put back into the business?

You will need to learn how to bring down a set of books (accounting books)did you mean a clothing company or a company that is closing down, basic accounting consists of being able to balance the books with the assets and liabilities.

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If it is a limited company, accounts and trading books are held by Company House. If you are looking to invest in a company speak to your bank or accountant for more detailed information.

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