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How does a computer update the time automatically without power?

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Inside a computer is a BIOS which is a small chip that holds essential information for the computer to start up, including the time. While the computer is plugged in, a small battery is being charged inside the computer, so if you unplug it, the battery takes over and the clock stays correct.
The battery lasts a very long time, but if you were to unplug the computer and leave it long enough, the time would be forgotten and you would need to set it again next time you turn the computer on.

2006-08-14 13:06:04
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Q: How does a computer update the time automatically without power?
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How do you turn on your Nexus phone after the Jelly Bean update?

Simply power it on. The new OS will automatically update each file as it boots.

Automatically restart when power comes?

What automatically restarts..? Your computer, your server, your printer, your router, your playstation...?

What is the function of a power cords on a computer?

To power your computer without a battery

What provides you with a window of time to safely power down your system manually or automatically when a complete power failure occurs?

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has a battery in it that will give you a short window of time to save your work and power down your computer. Some models have software that will tell the computer to save everything and power down your computer without you having to be there.

What is UPS and why it is use in computer?

UPS is uninterrupted power supply ...It helps your computer not black out when there is power cut.Its just like battery power which switches on itself automatically as there is power cut.

How do you put music on your Samsung seek?

You put your memory card in your computer, download the songs on your computer and put it in the memory card. You can download .mp3's to your micro SD card. After you transfer the songs, turn off your Seek and power it back on and it will automatically update your playlist and your songs will be available!

Do you have to turn off the iPhone to update?

No it will do it automatically to restart itself once you have updated it via iTunes, it's a restart rather than a power off.

Why Does your Computer go quiet when you unplug it?

Because without power, the hard drive, the fan, they make noise when they have power. Without it, they all stop making the computer go "quiet."

Can you make it where your laptop automatically switches to an external monitor when you turn it on without having to manually switch to it?

Computers automatically default to the built-in display on power-up. It's part of the BIOS (binary in/out system) & POST (power-on self test) routines. That's simply because it's 'logical' for the computer to need to use the display it was provided with at manufacture. The only way to make it default to an external display - would be to have the computer automatically detect if an external monitor is plugged in. That would require extra software.

How do you charge a notebook computer without a power cord?

you can't

What is the meaning of the acronym POST in computer?

POST in computing terms stands for Power On Self Test. It's a diagnostic program that automatically starts when a computer is switched on.

10 things a computer can not do?

What? Fine, here's one, a computer cannot run without power. -.-|

What can you do to disable a computer that keeps starting up?

Take out the PSU (Power Supply Unit) It's the largest box inside your computer with a fan on it. Without power = no computer.

How do you unlock an iPhone without itunes?

you connect your iphone to your computer pull up intunes hold the home button and power botton till screen goes black then keep holding untill it says on your computer iphone found in recovery modethen press recover and update

How long does it take to update wow?

The length of time that it takes to update World of Warcraft depends on the size of the specific update. It could take anywhere from several minutes for a small patch to several hours for a large patch. It also depends on your internet connection and the power of your computer as to how long it takes to update WoW. Faster internet means you get he update faster and faster computer means you apply it faster once downloaded.

Does a spouse automatically have power of attorney if you are not ill?

A spouse does not automatically have a power of attorney. It has to be a specific document.

What is the difference between a hard and soft boot?

A hard boot is when the power is removed from the computer. A soft boot is when the computer process is reset without removing the power.

When I shut down my computer from the Start Menu why doesn't my computer shut down automatically Instead Windows advises me it is okay to turn off your computer now?

Your motherboard may not be configured for software power management.

How do you reboot your computer without deleting?

Press the power button or go to start>Turn off computer>restart

What is the main function of PC power supplies boxes?

The PC power supply box's function is to supply the computer with power. Without the PC power supply box, the computer would not be able to turn on and off.

What category of components can you replace in a computer without turning off the power?


What is the function of the power supply in a computer?

It is to allow your computer to run without having to keep it charging right next to a socket all dayThe main purpose of a power supply is to distribute the right amount of power to all the components of a computer.

Advantages of power supply?

Capabilities of basic computer operation. Can't power the motherboard, GPU, CPU, etc. without a power supply.

Why does the computer automatically shutdown without any error message soon after it starts?

Might be a virus or power problem. Also, check the cooling fan. If the cooling fan isn't working properly, your system can quickly overheat and will shut itself off.

What is the function of a power supply in a computer?

The function of a power supply in a computer is to give out power to you're hard drive, mother bored and DVD rom/roms. Without a power supply you're compter wont even start.