How does a convector heater work?

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Inside an electric convector heater there is a large heating element similar to - but bigger than - one of the elements inside a bread toaster.

When the electricity is switched on the element gets hot and heats up the air that is all around it.

Because hot air is lighter than cold air, the hot air rises up and comes out, into the room, through the grilles at the top of the heater. Cold air from the room moves in through the grilles at the bottom of the heater to take the place of the hot air, and this process continues for as long as the heater is switched on.

Any movement of air in that way - cold air taking the place of hot air moving up - is called "convection", which is why the appliance is called a convection heater.

Electric fan heaters work in a different way: they have a powerful electric fan inside, which sucks in cold air from the room. The fan then blows the air through an electrically heated element and that hot air then comes out of the fan heater into the room.
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What can cause a car heater to not work?

Answer I will firs verify is the climate control is working (the dash board) controls, and then work my way up to more complicated issues. There are to important by pass that could be clogged also, if water has been used instead of coolant. well for one it could be the heater blower motor or it cou ( Full Answer )

Why isn't my car heater working?

check the fluid level in the tank or radiator. Check the top radiator hose when the car is warming up, is it hot? If not it might just be your thermostat that needs to be replaced. Or it could be that your heater core is plugged up. You don't say how old a car this is in, some times you can take off ( Full Answer )

How does a car heater work?

[first time answering questions] car heater works like the reverse of the normal cooling radiator - in fact the heater is like a small version of the rad that's on the frnt of the car - the hot water from the engine block goes into this small rad and the heater fan blows air thru it into the car - t ( Full Answer )

What can cause heater not work?

Answer . Answer . \nPossibly the Heater Motor, if the fan is not coming on at all the bearing in the motor have probably gone out.

Why don't your heater work?

Answer . \nThere might be a bad fuse causing the heater to not work. Check the fuses if they are all ok you may have a bad blower motor. when you turn the heater on and no air is blowing then it is your blower motor.

Why will the heater on a GMC Jimmy not work?

Depends . \nDepends on what you mean by heater will not work. If the blower motor will not work, it can be a blown fuse, bad blower motor, bad blower motor switch, or a defective blower motor resistor pack. If you mean that the blower motor works but there is no heat, then it can be a clogged hea ( Full Answer )

Why would home heater not work?

Heater not working . \nIf it is gas, the most common problem is the thermocouple. This is what keep the gas valve open. It is a small silver looking wire, 1/8 of an inch diameter that runs from the gas valve to the pilot light. The pilot flame should touch the end of the thermocouple. Of cour ( Full Answer )

GMC Jimmy heater not working?

Answer . Low coolant?. Bad thermostat?. Heater core plugged, restricted, or airbound?. Temperature control cable not working?

Heater does not work in Cherokee?

The Grand Cherokee is notorious for failures of the air flow control. However the Cherokee has the same basic problem. The blend door has a tendency to break, killing control over air flow through the heater core. The fix is fairly simple with the kit from HeaterTreater. Check the product at heatert ( Full Answer )

Your 97 explorer heater does not work?

99.9% the problem is with the blend door on this model. This is a very common fail mode and is very expensive to have repaired at the dealer. HeaterTreater has developed an inexpensive, 100% effective fix for the problem. Follow my user name to my bio page for links on where to get information and g ( Full Answer )

How does a vacuum heater works?

you put your wooden mold on the machine and then you put the plastic over it and then u melt the plastic and you pull the leaver up and you wait and then your done.

Why do my night storage heaters work?

Storage can be a variety of materials, stones and water are two. Solar heat during the day heats up storage source and gives off heat during nighttime hours. I live in Minnesota and use wood heat during the day and receive heat off of objects and structure itself during nighttime hours. A well insul ( Full Answer )

Why is the blower not working for the heater?

Check the blower motor electric wiring connector assembly for corrosion, if OK , remove the resistor assembly and check for corrosion. If the heater core has rupture there will be some coolant getting into the assembly which over time will corrode the assembly. Te connector itself could be so badly ( Full Answer )

How does a ceramic heater work?

The metallic coil is embedded in a ceramic plate, heating it up,from this ceramic material the heat is distributed to thesurrounding area.

How does gas water heater work?

The gas water heater works through a principle of physics which isknown as convection. The gas heater is similar to a water heateronly that it has one heating unit.?æ

Punto heater fan not working?

Found mine way just a wire on the blower motor (under the glovebox) had come lose. Popped it back in and weyhey!!!

How does heater core work?

it is essentially a tiny radiator. hot coolant goes in and heats up the fins in the heater core and your fan blows air through the heater core thus heating up the air and you.

Mitsubishi Galant heater not working?

You have to take off the glove compartment, and some other paneling to get to a little motor with a whole bunch of gears right behind your center console. Just put grease (or Vaseline) on all of those gears, and you should be good to go!

How does a solar water heater work?

How does a solar water heater work? . Solar water heaters do three basic operations before the hot water comes out of your faucet:. 1. Energy Collection: Sunlight, short wave energy, is collected and converted to heat which is long wave energy energy. . The solar collector is mounted on or ( Full Answer )

How do fan heaters work?

Electric fan heaters work because they have a powerful electric fan inside, which sucks in cold air from the room. The fan then blows the air through an electrically heated element and that hot air then comes out of the fan heater into the room. Electric convector heaters work in a different wa ( Full Answer )

What is a convector?

A heat exchange device that uses the heat in steam, hot water, or an electric resistance element to warm the air in a room; often called inaccurately, a radiator. Essentially, it's a space heater that transfers heat to the surrounding air by convection. And, just as an interesting side fact, in Roma ( Full Answer )

On a convector heater where does the air flow into it?

If there is no fan to pull the air in, fresh air must come into a convector heater from below. It is drawn in because the air heated by the heating element is warmer and therefore lighter than the colder air below it. So the warmer air rises to leave the convector heater from the top.

What is cheapest electric heaters to run convector or oil filled?

If there is no thermostat, it makes no difference. IE 1kw=1kw!\n. \nIf there is a thermostat, go for Oil filled.\n. \nThe Oil retains the heat much better so will continue to give off warmth whilst the thermostat is allowed to switch off the power more often.

Where do heaters work best?

Heaters work best set on floor allowing the hot air to rise through the car and heat more air.

Why does ac work but not heater?

AC and heater are 2 different systems. The heater works by channeling fluid from your radiator to a heater core usually located under your dash. Heater may not work due to blockage in the line from the radiator or the heater core under your dash may be faulty.

Do infrared heaters really work?

Infra-red is light that is invisible to our eyes but it carries energy in the same way that other light carries it. Infra-red is also known as radiant heat. An infra-red heater emits energy using infra-red and the as the light strikes objects in its path, so the object will heat up. Infra-red heate ( Full Answer )

Heater fan works sometimes?

Not knowing what year, make and model you have, I would suspect the heater fan switch and or electrical plug to the switch is at fault.

How does a water-heater work?

The heating coil (Electrode) is allowed to heat by passing current. If the coils gets heat, then the water around the coil should be get heat. To avoid the short-circuit between coil and water, a good isolation can be provide for safety.

Heater not working probably?

Check the coolant level. My 2000 Ford Taurus has a constant flow cooling system and the heater will not work if the coolant level is too low.

Heater not working in your yaris?

hello Can you tell me why the heater on my 2002 toyota yaris isnt working? Ive changed the thermostat,flushed out the radiator and also the heater matrix behind the dashboard is getting red hot as well

Do portable car heaters work?

Yes, portable car heaters do work, but it is best to look atreviews of different kinds before purchasing them. Make sure tocheck whether it is simply a car heater or a car defrost/defogger.

How heater works?

The engine coolant flows the engine, and becomes warm. The warmfluid then goes through hoses into the heater core. The blowermotor pushes air through the core, letting the now warm core heatthe air.

How does steam heater work?

The steam flows through a grill of pipes and the heat radiates from the pipes to the room.

What happens inside a convector heater?

A convection heater works on the principle of air convectioncurrents circulating through its body and across its heatingelement. Heating element heats up the air, causing it to increasein volume and become buoyant. A convection heater can have anelectrical heater element, a hot water coil, or a stea ( Full Answer )

Why does the heater only work on high?

If your talking about your blower motor only working on high its usually your blower motor resistor that has stopped working properly. (The blower motor resistor is an electrical component which limits the flow of electricity to your blower motor, allowing it to spin/blow at different speeds). It is ( Full Answer )

No heater working no dash lights?

first check your fuses, switches, wires. you should find the problem with lights checking these. Now for the heater you still want to check the fuses, switches and wires. Be sure the heater hoses are connected. I recently saw a used car that the heater core was bypassed. is there any heat at all? ar ( Full Answer )

Can you run a 2 kw convector heater through a 25 amp trip switch at 240 volts?

Yes, the total amperage load of a 2000 watt heater at 240 volts is 8.3 amps. Keep in mind that the wire feeding the heater must be a #10 because the breaker is rated at 25 amps. A wire's ampacity rating can be larger that the breaker amperage rating but never smaller. Example, a #14 rated at 15 amps ( Full Answer )

How do you know your heater core is not working?

Locate hoses under hood that go to the heater core. there should be 2. They are rubber hoses, smaller than the radiator hoses. after you have located them, leave hood open, start the car. Feel the hoses as the car warms up, one hose is an inlet to the heater core, one hose is an outlet. if one hose ( Full Answer )

Can you repair a heater that is not working?

Yes, but you need a trained professional to diagnose and fix the problem.Fixing it yourself would be way to hard to try unless you are trained to do so.

Do outdoor heaters actually work?

Yes. Outdoors heaters produce heat and radiate it out to the air around them. As they are not in an enclosed environment, they are not as efficient in heating "living" space as an indoor heater, but they certainly can provide much-needed relief from bitter outdoor cold.

How does an electric switch heater work?

The electric switch heater uses high voltage, from 480 to 750 volts, through coils that are fixed both on the web of the rails and with "crib heaters" that are laid underneath the movable rods between the ties. These are typically more effective than other types of switch heaters because of the abil ( Full Answer )

How does a convector heater function?

A convection heater operates by air currents flowing through the body and over its heating elements. It may contain an electrical heat element, a hot water coil, or a steam coil.

Where can one buy convector heaters?

Convector heaters can be purchased from many shops, such as Wal-Mart. Local independent electrical shops will stock these appliances also, as well as being able to be purchased online.

How does a water bed heater work?

A water bed heater is simple to use. In a bed-shaped plastic, flexible container, there is water and the water gets heated up for warmth. This bed is very good for winter.