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He doesn't. Only the courts can award/enforce visitation.

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Q: How does a father get visiting rights to see his child without going to court?
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If a father has visitation rights but rarely comes to see his child what steps can be taken?

It depends on what you want to do. If you don't mind about the father rarely visiting, then there are no steps to be taken. It really is a matter on what you want to do about the father rarely visiting his child.

Can a father give up there rights of the child and get out of child support without someone else adopting the child?


How do you get my child back from the father if he has no legal rights?

If you have custody and the father keeps the child with him without your permission you can call the police for kidnapping.

Can a father sign over parental rights to an unborn child in Alabama?

No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.

Can a mother give up her rights to her child without the father's agreement?

No, the mother and father of the child both have to agree whether to hand over a child

What rights does the father have to your unborn child in Minnesota?

In the United States the father has no rights until the child is born.

Unwed fathers rights?

A biological father has the right to sue for sole custody, shared custody, or visiting rights to the child; even if he was never married to the mother. He may have to have genetic testing done to prove he is the father if this is at issue.

If the father of your child does not pay child support can you move to a different state with your child legally?

He is still the father with/without child support and has rights. Take him to court to get the child support and make arrangements for your move to a different state.

Can a mother transfer her parental rights to her mother before offering custody to the child's father?

No, if what is meant is, can a biological mother of a child give custodial rights to her mother without the necessity of court procedure and/or the agreement of the biological father.

What rights will fathers have if DNA proves they are not the father?

Then you have no rights to that child.

What rights do you have to stop your child seeing its father?

only if the child's father is a rapist or abductive

Can a father sign over his rights without the child being adopted by the step father?

Laws vary from state to state, but in most cases a person can only sign off rights to a child if antoher party, for example a step father was willing to adopt.

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