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How does a felon get their gun rights back?


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As the folks below me said- it is different in different states. You need to research YOUR state.

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FELONS CONVICTED IN STATE COURT OF STATE CRIMES: If your request for relief is granted and you are a resident of a state which completely or partially restores your "rights" (you will have to do research to learn if this applies to your state), you will still remain subject to any restrictions that your state laws place on you.

CAUTION: FEDERALLY CONVICTED FELONS: It remains a FEDERAL felony for a federally convicted felon to EVER own or possess a firearm. The U.S. Criminal Code, makes the penalty for illegal possession of a firearm a mandatory minimum of fifteen (15) years in prison in some cases (Title 18 U.S.C. sec 924(e)(1).

At this time federally convicted felons have no solution to their firearm disqualification. Congress has effectively suspended the review of federally convicted felons' petitions for restoration of their firearms privileges, by denying funding for the purpose.


Some states offer suspended sentences that withold convictions,you don't loose your rights with the State,Feds don't reconize withelds so you might have to file under a sole discretion under a Federal code C.F.R. 478.144 to see if the Judge will give you relief for your individual case if that is the case.If you have set aside or pardon I think those are good for the Feds "we know pardons are good for the State" but yea make sure both State and Federal your gun rights are restored,and you have full relief anywhere you go and it comes up under a search "Police-NCIC" for being restored.