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It doesn't. The queen is the only fertile female in the colony. Most of the other bees are infertile workers.

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Q: How does a female bee turn into a queen bee?
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What determines if a female is a queen bee or a worker?

the wings of the bee and the size of the bee determines if shes a queen bee or a worker.

What is a female bee called?

A female bee is called a queen or worker. Male bees are drones (their sole responsibility is to mate with the queen).

What is a female bee that lays eggs called?

She is called the Queen Bee.

What is a female name for a bee?

Queen or worker.

What is a male and female bee?

A male bee is called a drone and an infertile female bee is called a worker. There will also be one fertile female bee in a colony - the queen.

What is the name of a male bee and female bee?

A male bee is a drone and a female bee is either a queen or a worker. (See Related Link below)

What is a female bee called as?

The femal bee is called the drones or the worker queen!

Why is the female bee called a queen bee?

It used to be thought that the queen bee ruled the hive, rather like human monarchs, though this is not really true. The queen is not the only female in the hive: all worker bees are female, though the queen is the only one that lays eggs.

Why is the Queen Bee bigger then the other bees?

Because it is the only female and main bee.

Opposite of queen bee?

The queen bee is female, so are all worker bees. The male bees are called drones.

How do you know when a bee is a female?

If you see a honey bee flying from flower to flower, it will be a worker (infertile female). It will NOT be a male and it will NOT be a queen.

What is masculine and feminine for bees?

A male bee is called a drone. A female bee is either a queen or a worker (infertile female).

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