How does a female reproduce?


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by being pregnant, or by having a baby


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Human are mammals and they mate with female and male. Female reproduce by giving birth to babies.

No; dogs require a female and male to reproduce

All cats reproduce sexually. The male and female have sex and the female has kittens after several months.

Lizards reproduce by mating. A male and a female will mate, then the female will lay eggs and care for them until they hatch.

Eastern cougars no longer reproduce. They were declares extinct in 2011.

elm trees reproduce when a male likes a female

Chihuahuas reproduce in the same manner as does any other breed of canine. The male and female mate and the female has puppies.

No because before butterfly's there were caterpillars so the female Caterpillar would reproduce which means having baby's.

Dung Beetles reproduce by the female.The female lays her eggs.

No, they can't because they wouldn't be able to reproduce. They are birds, and reproduce as such.

the female reproduce by laying eggs and giving birth for an young ones

Chinchillas reproduce sexually, via Intercourse between male and female

Yes..That is how they reproduce.

It is very rare for a female mule to reproduce.

Male animals reproduce by mating with female animals. In this process, the sperm from the male animal fertilizes the egg of a female animal.

They can reproduce both ways as they have both female and male parts.

Otters, like all mammals, reproduce through a male impregnating a female.

Snow leopards reproduce like all other mammals. A male and a female have sexual intercourse. Then the female gives birth to the young.

Prawns reproduce sexually in the same way that most mammals reproduce. The male prawn fertilizes the eggs of the female prawn. Interestingly, male prawns actually become female prawns after several years.

Kangaroos can be male or female. That is how they reproduce.

Sexually with the female laying eggs.

Bulldogs can reproduce, as you can get male and female ones, despite what their name suggests. I hope this answer was what you were looking for.

Victoria Crowned Pigeons reproduce sexually, with both a male and a female.

Angiosperms reproduce by producing flowers (male and female sex cells) and after pollination, seeds - this is called sexual reproduction. Some species of Angiosperms can also sometimes reproduce asexually, by producing offsets, suckers, bulblets or plantlets.Gymnosperms reproduce by producing male and female cones (male and female sex cells) and after pollination seeds.

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