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How does a first kiss feel?

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if it was like mine, you'll feel amazing. you'll feel a tingly sensation in your sensation. but my first kiss was a little different. it was around 7:00 P.M i was 12 and i was at her house and her boyfriend wasn't there. neither where her parents and we went up to her guest room and i fell on her and it was more of a make out. that's when we went farther. that's how it went for me.

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How do most girls feel after there first kiss?

Depends how the kiss was?

How did your first kiss feel?

Freakin magical!

Why you feel sick when you kiss your boyfriend?

First Of All If You Love Him You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Kissing Him..! But If Its Your First Kiss Is Normal Because You Have Never Expirience It..!(:

Should your first kiss be a French kiss or a regular kiss?

A french kiss can let the other person feel like they are not just a friend and that they are more then that. === === i recommend a regular kiss on the first couple of dates however if you feel that shes unsatisfied (youll know) then go for the french kiss

How does a first kiss feel like?

A first kiss is like this. First you start leaning in and you feel like no way this is real this can't be happening OMG it really is happening my first kiss. once its over you'll most likely smile at who you kissed and then you'll feel a bit light headed and bodied.

When is the first kiss appropriate?

Depends how you feel about your relationship

When to get first kiss?

It doesn't matter when you get your first kiss. Most people get their first kiss at teenage periods. They feel or think that they are in love and are ready for that step. If you think that is the time in your relationship, then go ahead and kiss them!

What do you do if you had your first kiss?

don't get over excited about it, feel happy but only in your head and you could continue to kiss but only if the other agrees. congrats when you get your first kiss.

When should you have your first kiss with your bf?

when you feel like your ready to

What does it feel like to kiss for the first time?

it all depends on who its is!

What does a first kiss feel like?

A first kiss feels amazing- a feeling of connection with the person you kiss. It feels much better if you really love the person you are kissing

What do you do on your first kiss?

Most importantly relax. If you feel ready to have your first kiss you should feel comfortable enough with him/her not to worry about what he thinks if you mess up. Take it slowly and take your time. Whisper to him/her how you feel about them. Just be yourself and it will be perfect for you.

Why are you scared to kiss your bf even though its not your first?

You are nervous because you really like him/love him and you want it to be special. Don't worry you will be fine. It's normal to feel like this. We all do when we want to make a good impression. Even though it is not your first kiss it is your first kiss with him, you know it will mean a lot to you so you are afraid that he won't feel what you feel. He will though, he will feel it when he kisses you.

Do you feel sick after your first kiss?

I just had my first kiss yesterday, im a girl and she is a girl. and i was so freaking scared, my stomach feels weird, and i started my period again the day befor so i dont really know if it was the kiss or my period...

Where do you have a first kiss?

I think the best place to have a first kiss if just alone with you and your partner. You don't have to show everyone that you kiss. Maybe kiss after he or she drops you off from dinner. Or a walk on the beach. Try not to have your first kiss with parents or friends around. You could feel pressure.

What are you supposed to feel when you kiss someone?

When you kiss someone for the first time, you feel butterflies in your stomach, and you loose your breath, but it depends how much you like them :))) hope your first kiss turns out magical just like mine did :)))) bye! have fun! but not too much!

Should you kiss at the movies?

don't kiss on your first date, don't kiss if you dont feel a good conection, don't kiss if you havent kissed out-of-the-movies before

When should a couple have their first kiss?

Whenever you feel ready and comfortable ;)

When is a boys first first kiss?

A boy can have his first kiss whenever he is ready. Don't feel pressured to kiss just because friends are kissing. Just wait until you find a girl you want to kiss who feels the same way, and try it!

How do you kiss a girl that is older then you as your first kiss and she is experienced in kissing?

You don't kiss a special way you go as you feel lead to. Even if the preson is older

What is it like to kiss a girl?

Answer. Unforgettable! first kisses usually never work out unless you are with the right one when you get close to the girl you get to feel nervous but when you kiss you feel relaxed

What does your first kiss feel like?

Your first kiss will feel like heaven, it depends on how you kiss someone. For example, if you kiss someone on the lips for a long time it feels like you're in a different world, and if you kiss someone on the neck it feels like you have a connection and you cant stop. It feels amazing Added: It may feel really wet.... But you will find that the stronger your feelings toward the person your kissing, the harder it is to stop.....

What do you say to a boy you want to kiss him?

The guy does not have to make the first move, just kiss him when you feel its time! I know your first kiss can be a bit scary, but just go with your gut(: hope this helps!

How do you have a great first kiss?

The perfect guy/girl (to you) in a place you feel at ease/home, a not planned kiss, sudden, unexpected.

How do you kiss if it the guys first kiss to?

Just lean in, close your eyes, and kiss. Once you feel your lips pressing together, everything will fall into place :) <3