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First they put the fuel in a burner to burn it, then when it is burning it heats up water above it which cause the water to produce steam. The steam is used to turn turbines then the turbines turn the generators, which then leads to energy.

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How does fossil fuel power station work?

How does a coal-fired power station work?

A coal-fired power station works by burning coal to give off heat, which heats water and produces steam. The steam is then used to push generator turbines; which generate energy.

Is burning fuel a useful chemical reaction?

Yes,burning fuel is a useful chemical reaction as energy is released and can be converted into different forms to do useful work

How hydrogen fuel engine work?

By burning the hydrogen and making water.

Working of 210 mw thermal power station?

Thermal power station of 210mw will work on principle of modified Rankine cycle

How do gas power stations work?

the power station works in different processes of electricity

How does a power station work?

pretty simple , just does stuff

How does a thermal power station work?

malinao marisol guapa!

How does thermal oil power plant work?

a power plant works by burning oil to make electricity.

How does the liquid fuel rocket work?

by burning liquid fuel with a liquid oxidizer in a combustion chamber connected to the exhaust nozzle. this generates thrust.

1997 Pontiac transport Why wont your fuel pump work New fuel pump relay and power to the pump but it still does not work?

Bad fuel pump?

What is the defeniton of a fossil fuel power plant?

A fossil fuel power plant is a system of devices for the conversion of fossil fuel energy to mechanical work or electric energy

How nuclear power and microbial fuel cells work?


How does hydro power work?

Hydro power works by flowing water pushing a water wheel that generates a power station to make power.

Is heat a from of energy?

yes. heat is a form of energy, just as burning fuel is. if it can scientifically do work, it is energy. heat can do work, so therefore it is energy.

How does electrical energy get its energy?

According to Softpedia: "Most of the electric energy production process takes place in power plants burning fossil fuel, such as coal, natural gas or crude oil, which accounts for the massive amounts of greenhouse gases emitted daily in the Earth's atmosphere. Heat produced during fuel burning is used to evaporate large amounts of water and create steam that powers a steam turbine, turning the energy extracted during burning fuel into mechanical work. By connecting a mechanical generator to the turbine's drive shaft, the mechanical work can be turned efficiently into electric energy."

How does a charging station work?

A charging station works by providing electricity to the car it is charging. There is no way for a charging station to not use electricity because the form of power it transmits is electricity.

Your car wont start but has fuel and battery power What is wrong with it?

DON'T YOU MEAN YOUR CAR? Is there spark at the plugs does the starter work? is there fuel pressure to the fuel injectors?

What is difference between fuel and power?

Power is energy that you can put to work, such as the electric current produced from a generator or engine.Fuel is a material with potential energy, it can be used to produce energy.

Would a failing O2 sensor cause excess fuel consumption on a daewoo cielo?

Yes it would. O2 sensors work with the car's ECM to tell the car how to burn the fuel and how the fuel is burning. This is a strong possibility.

How does combustion work?

Any combustion needs Fuel, Oxygen and heat. In a petrol engine, the fuel and air are mixed in either a carburettor, or a fuel injector system. The heat is supplied by the spark plug and maintained once the mixture is burning rapidly. The massive expansion of the burning gas, is used to push the piston. In a CI (compression ignition diesel) engine, The air is drawn in, diesel fuel is sprayed into it and the piston compresses it. This compression alone, causes heat, which is enough to cause combustion. The same expansion of the burning gas, is used to do work on the piston.

Is pumping carbon into the ocean carbon sequestration?

No, carbon sequestration is a plan to capture carbon dioxide from fossil fuel power plants before it reaches the atmosphere, compress it and pump it underground into supposedly secure locations where it will remain forever and never escape. The owners of the fossil fuel power plants, who desperately want to continue burning coal, are particularly hopeful that this plan will work.

Problem of power station in the rainforest?

THE main type of power station in the rain forest is a hydroelectric one that gets power from the energy made by water (look up hydroelectric power stations to see how they work). In order to do this the power station needs to have two or more huge reservoir's. Huge amounts of forest are flooded to make these reservoirs killing animal and plant life in the process.

How do the piston in a car engine work?

Pistons converter the pressure of the burning air/fuel charge in the cylinder into torque through the connection to the crankshaft.

Is the life span of a nuclear power station?

a neuclear power plant will last about 50 to 75 years depending on the people that work there and if there is a radioactive leak.

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