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The fact that you have not gotten your wife or gilfriend pregnant doesn't mean that you can't have kids or that your sperm is not strong enough.

Believe me when I tell you this, because my husband and I tried for about 7 years to get pregnant. We were both tested and nothing was wrong with either of us. We were just not having sex during the right time. There is only about 4 or 5 days month that a woman can get pregnant. I went to and found out about what time of the month was my most likely I would be able to conceive.

It took 4 months for this to work for me but work it did so after trying for 7 years we are pregnant.

From the previous answer there is obviously a history behind this question I do not know about so I will answer this question as asked.

The first thing to do is get a sperm count. Even a low sperm count does not mean you are INfertile, just SUB fertile.

Even if there is apparently no problem with either of you and you are having sex a the right time sometimes the woman just does not get pregnant, something in her body chemistry kills the sperm and/or the embryo before it implants.

IVF might be an option in this case.

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He should start by asking his doctor to do a sperm count. If there are other issues he can discuss them with the doctor.

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Q: How does a guy know if he can have kids?
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