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There are many types of harmonicas. I will describe to you how a diatonic harmonica works.

A harmonica has a chambered body with each chamber containing 2 small metal reeds. The reeds are flipped in alignment from each other.

As you blow into one of the chambers air passes over the first reed and causes it to vibrate and this vibration causes the sound you hear. As you draw air in through a chamber ("suck on a harmonica") the air passes through the chamber in reverse and causes the second reed to vibrate. because the reeds are aligned oppisately - the air direction will determine which reed vibrates.

Harmonicas use a series of reeds lined up from longer to shorter. The shorter the reed - the higher the pitch of the note sounded.

Some harmonicas use a wood body and some use plastic. There are also synthetic and metal reeds, which affects the pitch.

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What cleft does the harmonica play in?

It depends on the Harmonica. I have a G Major harmonica, my Dad has an A Major harmonica, my brother has a C major harmonica and my Grandpa has several in different keys as well. If you weren't told what key your harmonica is in when you bought it, you can figure it out with a piano.

How much is a harmonica in the Philippines?

can buy harmonica

What rhymes with veronica?

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When was George 'Harmonica' Smith born?

George 'Harmonica' Smith was born in 1924.

When did George 'Harmonica' Smith die?

George 'Harmonica' Smith died in 1983.

How many reeds are there in a harmonica?

A Harmonica has one reed for each hole it has. For example, a Diatonic Harmonica has ten holes, ten pitches, and thus ten reeds. Longer reeds have lower pitches. The reeds tend to be metal. If a reed bends, the corresponding pitch will not work.

Can you take a harmonica on an airplane in a carry on bag?

You can definitely take a harmonica along with you.

What is a harmonica look like?

this is what a harmonica looks like

How do you use the word harmonica in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.She played the harmonica.He gave his son a harmonica for Christmas.

What is the meaning of harmonica?

harmonica is a instrument that can be played when you blow through it

Who played the harmonica in The Beatles?

John Lennon played the harmonica.

Is the harmonica a percussion instrument?

The harmonica is classified as a wind instrument.

What family does the Harmonica come from?

The harmonica is part of the reed family.

What harmonica does johnny marr play?

a Horner blues harmonica.

How do you use harmonica in a sentence?

"Jimmy played a tune on his harmonica"

When was Alvin's Harmonica created?

Alvin's Harmonica was created in 1959.

Where can one find harmonica tabs online?

There are several websites that one can find harmonica tabs. These websites include Harp Tabs, Creedence Online, Modern Blues Harmonica, and Harmonica Country.

How do you play negatives on a harmonica?

Instead of blowing into the harmonica suck air out of it.

How you can use harmonica in a sentence?

I played my harmonica in front of my family and friends.

How do you adjust the volume on a harmonica?

On a harmonica, the volume of the sound depends on how hard you blow. So,therefore you cant really adjust the volume on a harmonica.

What is a Parrot Harmonica?

Its just a brand of harmonica. Parrots don't play it. It has sixteen holes. Although its slightly cheap. I find it a nice harmonica

What key harmonica does neil young play on old man?

There is no harmonica in that song.

What is the harmonica about?

The harmonica is about making music. In my opinion, it's for making people happy.

What kind of harmonica does christofer drew play?

its a C key hohner harmonica

What is the ISBN of Tunes for a Small Harmonica?

The ISBN of Tunes for a Small Harmonica is 0060263733.