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During certain seasons the cobra will molt and change a new skin. Thats all!

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Q: How does a king cobra grow and change?
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What height is a king cobra?

King cobra's grow to a length of around 18 feet (5.5 metres)

How does the king cobra eat food?

so they can grow

How long can a king cobra grow?

18 feet

Are there any myths about the king cobra?

Indian legend says that king cobra can change its shape to become any form it wants to. Other myths claim that killing a king cobra is bad luck and that if a woman kisses a king cobra, it will improve her fertility.

How much does an adult cobra weigh?

The average weight of a KIng Cobra is 13 pounds but they can grow as heavy as 20 pounds.

Did the king cobra's name change over time?

The king cobra was eventually assigned its own genus Ophiophagus which is separate from the genus Naja to which other cobra species belong.

What is the anatomy of a king cobra?

King Cobra

How old is the king king cobra?

they can live up to 20 years grow up to 13ft up to 20 lb

Which would win King cobra vs reticulated python vs king snake vs indigo snake?

My opinion is King Cobra will win... Python on average can grow upto 20ft. King cobra on average 15 ft. But before strangling king cobra, python has to survive from the king's bite...It's not easier. Unlike other snakes, King cobra natural habitat is to eat other snakes. So It has a advantage... For proof, see the video in the related link

What kind of Australian snake is venous and can grow up to 2 meters long?

A king cobra

Is a king cobra cannibalistic?

A king cobra will eat other snakes smaller than it,but there is no recorded case where a king cobra has eaten another king cobra.

What do you call a king cobra in Hindi?

king cobra